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Suspicious Claims

I saw this claim at the beginning of the article, which attempts to debunk a commonly-believed fact amongst the guidebook writers:

"Do not believe your Lonely Planet or most other guides which claim that the Khmer Rouge destroyed the Kep villas. Truth is that the Kep locals, returning after the fall of the Pol Pot regime, dismantled and destroyed parts of the villas to exchange for food and money in Vietnam."

Eh-em, what are they basing this off of? Perhaps an anecdotal exchange between a tourist and a local in broken English? Even if it is true that the villas were dismantled and destroyed by locals following the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia (which is a perfectly believable claim), there is absolutely no reason to believe that the Khmer Rouge didn't contribute to the destruction as well.

This claim is followed by another claim that is patently false:

"The Phnom Voar area where you find the pepper plantations was a Khmer Rouge guerrilla stronghold until 1997, one of the two last ones together with Pailin in the Northwest of Cambodia."

There were far more than just these two positions held by the KR in 1997. Anlong Veng, where Pol Pot died in 1998, is a prominent example.

(WT-en) Bdmurray 22:48, 29 May 2011 (EDT)

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