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Stay safe[edit]

Concerning the statement:

Also everyone should avoid the beach area to the west of the old dock that juts out to sea from the end of Avenida Republica. The east side, including Barrio Isla, is safer.'

What is the danger to avoid? Drowning? Rips? Sharp rocks or coral reef and big waves popular with surfers? Crime? Sharks? Poisonous or venomous shellfish? Pollution? - One mans meat is another mans poison. -- (WT-en) Huttite 18:29, 23 Jan 2005 (EST)

The area (el hoyo)is ruled by a local and heavily armed gang, and they sell crack cocaine from there. As a foreigner no one has any reason to go there, as one is in danger of being robbed or murdered for being a white person there. This is not anyone's meat except those with a suicidal nature. Sure, if your meat is buying crack, you speak good Spanish and you like a lot of excitement go for it. Watch out for the police on your way out. I honestly don't think this the type of person who would read this site. You would have to know exactly what you were doing to go to the hoyo, whereas this page is aimed at people who don't know La Ceiba, and this section is aimed at the ignorant who enter that area unknowingly, thinking ooh let's go to the beach. User:(WT-en) Squeakfox.

What gangs specifically? mara 18?