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Clarification for route out of Mt. Tanigawa[edit]

@Masa.sohara: : I am translating the page to French, and I am not sure to understand what are the two ways to get down from Mount Tanigawa. I think I found the second one: when coming from Tomanomimi, once reached the Kama-ana hut, turn right (on this map, it would be the path going south-west) and this path would be called "いわお新道" (iwao shindō). But for the first one (with many chains/ladders) I don't know which one it is. From Tomanomimi and Okinomimi, if one go away from the Kama-ana hut, it would mean continuing to the north. With this route, should one continue to 一ノ倉岳 (ichi no kura dake)? And from there, in which direction would it be? It have seen on the web maps proposing that: from Tomanomimi, when going in the direction to Kama-ana and the lifts, take the first path on the left (east) and this route will go the base on the lift (Doaiguchi-eki). It would be the route called Nishikuro-one, 西黒尾根. From the photos and videos, it seems quite a climb!
Any indication would be welcome because going in the wrong direction in the mountain is a bad experience. Also, if the two mentioned routes are the two above, we should mention that they are not gentle paths, require some climbing and good mountain hiking shoes (light trail shoes may not be ok). It would be nice to mention which are the easy options to go back at the bottom (if there is any other than the lift). — Fabimaru (talk) 18:09, 12 August 2017 (UTC)