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"Police in this town can be bribed easily, as any other politician or army drafter. So if you have any problems there just be prepared to pay, especially don't be surprised if you get pulled over in the middle of the day for speeding, although you had not gone over the speed limit. It's just the way they earn money here, by robbing people. Somone american may have problems"

This is shameful and biased american opinion. They may of not like an american and he was treated badly but this is now how things are.

Now this I did not write, but I disagree that it was shameful, biased, and even American (it was added by an anon ip). I have several acquaintances who have traveled to MinVody & have consulted with travel agents who interact regularly with foreign travelers to Southern Russia & their accounts corroborate what this article said before you removed the above content. Please also keep in mind that this english-language article is primarily written for foreign visitors, not for Russians (after all, there is a Russian Wikivoyage); foreign visitors to this area will likely encounter official corruption and it is the purpose of Wikivoyage, not its shame to report this. --(WT-en) Peter Talk 03:54, 6 June 2008 (EDT)

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