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I am goin to remove the following because not only is it copyrighted work but it is very outdated and confusing to the island today. "The principal commercial sectors are the Boulevards Gomez and Guevara and Avenida Santiago Mariño and Avenida 4 de Mayo in Porlamar and Calle La Marina in Juangriego.

If you like shopping, you might be happy to know that Margarita is a 'free port': you don't pay the Venezuela value added tax there. That is one reason why Venezuelans from the mainland like to go there - it's not only a beach destination for them but also a superb shopping place. Due to the tourism, Porlamar is full of shops and stores. Clothing is especially easy to find. You can choose from elegant to the casual and cheap.

The island also has several shopping malls, for example Jumbo in the very center of Porlamar, Centro Comercial AB towards Pampatar, Centro Comercial La Redoma, Sigo just west of Porlamar, and a recently built huge and elegant mall Sambil.

In the largest supermarkets Central Madeirense (CM), Sigo Supermarket, or UniCasa you will find large selections, comfortable grocery shopping, good quality fruits and vegetables, deli sections and freshly baked bread. There are also lots and lots of smaller supermarkets distributed throughout the districts of Polamar." (WT-en) MustSee 10:14, 14 September 2011 (EDT)MustSee(WT-en) MustSee 10:14, 14 September 2011 (EDT)