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Oi! Excise the "not interesting" comment if you wish, although I lived there for 4 years and didn't find much to disprove the notion, but what's your beef with the rest? (WT-en) Jpatokal 07:08, 20 May 2006 (EDT)

Oi indeed! I try to avoid Scarsdale as much as possible myself but someone, somewhere, is going to find it interesting, if for no other reason than to confirm that money can't buy taste or common sense. If we drop our relative neutrality to warn off casual travelers from every spot that has "very little else" to see but expensive houses, expensive restaurants, and expensive shops, we should be sure to include such wealthy suburbs as Greenwich CT and Beverly Hills CA. From there it's just a slippery slope away from warning off casual travelers from places too small too have something to see like Gardner ND, population 80, and Ayr ND, population 23. For that matter, who at some point doesn't think his or her hometown dull? I'm not touching your restored comments, but they seem to point in a slippery direction. Also, your housing price seems to be half the market rate and the village has a predilection toward mock-Tudors, rather than mock-Victorians. (WT-en) SHC 07:35, 20 May 2006 (EDT)
Think it's worth mentioning that the Scarsdale Diet doctor died of lead poisoning? (WT-en) SHC 11:56, 20 May 2006 (EDT)
If a traveler has a week to spend in New York, would you recommend that they go see Scarsdale? I think it's only fair to say that Scarsdale (or Greenwich, or Gardner, or Ayr) really doesn't have much in the way of tourist attractions -- if you can think of something, by all means add it to See! Beverly Hills, on the other hand, does rate as a tourist attraction because so many people go star-spotting there, and places like Rodeo Drive are genuinely famous.
As for the Scarsdale Diet guy, he sounds like he'd make an interesting infobox... (WT-en) Jpatokal 22:31, 20 May 2006 (EDT)
I'm with you, I'm just concerned about what seems a slippery slope. If a traveler had only a week to spend in New York, there are dozens of places that wouldn't end up on my list of "must see" places, yet they are enshrined as articles in Wikivoyage. Would fairness suggest we warn off tourists from Hoboken? (WT-en) SHC 23:14, 20 May 2006 (EDT)