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'Playas de Tijuana', or the beaches of Tijuana is a seperate section of Tijuana, geographically and culturally, from downtown where most visitors and tourists go. The beach goes up to the border fence of the U.S.A at the southern corner of San Diego, California, just south of the city of Imperial Beach. While the section of town on the beach is older and more 'classic', the inland and hillside portions are newer and modern with shopping centers and a growing number of residences. On the beach you can find small family restaurants, bars and coffee houses. You can walk up to the fence that seperates Mexico from the U.S.A. and see the border monument. It is directly next to the 'Bullring by the Sea', or the 'Plaza de Toros Monumental' as it is know locally. Bullfights are still held here from May to October.