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First of all, I want those of you who have contributed content to this article to know that I appreciate your contributions. It's because of people like you - and certainly not a mere editor of this article like me - that guides like this one exist.

I edited some of the content to move it to the appropriate sections and edit it into a form that reads more clearly to me. I may have misunderstood some of the content. Also, I feel bad that I deleted some references to neighboring towns like Digboi and Dibrugarh, which I think should be covered in their own guides, if anyone wants to start articles for them; in that instance, some of the content I deleted should be included.

I hope no-one feels discouraged by the edits I did, and I hope you continue to contribute content to this site.

All the best,

(WT-en) Ikan Kekek 03:23, 25 May 2011 (EDT)