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Virpazar is a mysterious Illyrian place, sort of a dreamy realm, hid in the mountains, by a modest lake, modestly breathing by the road Podgorica-Petrovac.

It's not a hunt for beach lovers or suntan claimers. It's for more than that, it's a place you can escape the hustle dhe bustle of the craziness of citites and people. A place you can ruminate your own thoughts without any interruption, without being affected by any pollution be it air, water, noise or PSI.

As soon as you leave the road and cross the railway, you walk on a short bridge, pass between two buildings, which are Hotel Pelican property, and it looks like passing between the two buildings you have just gone through the "customs" where the fee you pay is your acceptances or rejections of the offers that make you right there for a room at the hotel or a ride on a boat.

Then the "town" opens ahead of you. Some buildings surround the whole place leaving room for taxis, a little park where you can rest, some stalls where people sell little convenient things like olive oil, honey, souvenirs, cards, maps etc. If you ask they can find you anything, but internet. No internet access round. The last thing that closes the circle is Tavern Badanj, very salty prices, but a great place to pass parts of your day. You sit under secular trees with non-stop great perfect shades and enjoy your drink and view of the lake, the mountains, the boats coming and going, the other hotel "13 July" with great people, great food and clean. Impressive from there is the three-arch stone bridge which helps you to leave the town, which results to be on a little island, and find yourself at the tip of a rocky peninsula, starting with the "13 July" hotel, a place to park your vehicles and a greater view on the lake. There are two roads further on, among trees and rocks, with a castle on top, I didn't explore. They told me there were two or three other villages further on.

I can summarise: Virpazar: Great fish, tender meat, only potatoes in God's armpit.

Vladimir Marku - Albania