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A quick note[edit]

Why, in a Wolof phrasebook, are there so many French phrases? I understand this is primarily used in Senegal where French is fairly prevalent; however, I think that this should be culled down to more accurately reflect Wolof phrases. There's an extensive French phrasebook on this site if one wants to brush up on French phrases.

A partial answer[edit]

The closer you get to Dakar, the more mixed is the Wolof and French. Pure Wolof is spoken nearer to the traditional centers of the language such as St. Louis.

Consonants and diphthongs??[edit]

Not sure if this is real text, or just the person saying that they don't know. I'm inclined to delete, but I know nothing of the language so not sure. This was entered in 2008, and they just said "sorry" for pronunciation guide and vowels. (WT-en) Bill in STL 20:49, 14 August 2010 (EDT)