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Can I remove the "outline" status now? I know it needs further fleshing out, but I think it's a good start for people who find themselves in this little Christian town. I promise to keep adding to it, but not as obsessively as I have been for the past few days. (WT-en) Greencolander 21:06, 23 May 2006 (EDT)

Sleep section[edit]

The sleep section has alot of listings, but it needs to be formatted into the correct wikivoyage style, ie Budget, mid range splurge. Also a few words about what each place is like so a tourist could make an informed decision on where to stay would be a bonus! (WT-en) Tsandell 06:48, 16 June 2006 (EDT)


I've cleaned this up a bit, but there's still way too much promotional language by which every river is 'picturesque' and every food item for sale is 'delicious' with far too many exclamation marks: "...and much more!" adds nothing of value. Lose the fluff, keep this factual. There are also a few points where this says "see the town website" or see some other group's site - which is useless if a printed copy of this page is being carried around in a backpack. The info needs to be here if it's worth mentioning at all. This is usable but reads like it were written by a local CVB, not a traveller. K7L (talk) 05:50, 13 November 2012 (UTC)