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to be honest - not great - you will see deer and elephants, but crocodiles could well be logs from the distance permissable to them. Oh and you've buckley's chance of seeing jaguars. nah.

Yala vs Ruhunu National Park[edit]

I can't get a good sense of which is the more common name for this park (or even why it is know by two names). I'm gonna go ahead and put a redirect from Ruhunu National Park on the very scientific basis that this one was here first. (WT-en) Majnoona 15:06, 21 Jan 2006 (EST)

====No Jaguars, but there are leopards... We visited in Dec '13, and were treated to sighting of a 2yo leopard... There's no jags in the Sri Lankan parks but that's cos the jags are native to South America...

A good ranger / guide is crucial if you wanna enjoy sightings. Our leopard was trying to cross the road and attracted hoards of jeeps all trying to crowd around and get a view of him.. The leopard plucked up his courage in the end, catwalked in from of the crowd, across the road and back into the bushes. After the crowd clears off, our ranger took us along a quiet road - he was tracking the leopard, and shortly after, we found the fellow, along, trying to recover from the media attention, and getting back to the business of hunting for breakfast. Pictures and account in this link -