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Negative review[edit]

I removed the following text from the listing for the Silk Road Hotel. Be Careful about Silk Road Hotel in yazd.I was at this place for some days actually there was not safe becouse this hotel at first was a very old house that the owner change it and made hotle.when you sleep there in morning you will see in all of your bed is full of thatch and the walls are broken.if happen very small Earthquake for sure you will Injure.Also this place is not well for women how travelling yazd And then from the end of the article. If you are going to yazd .dont go to silk road hotel.this hotel is not safe. special is not good for women who travell alone.

Whilst I have deleted them, I think the comments are sufficiently significant to suggest that the Silk Road Hotel and Orient Hotel may not be the most appropriate places to stay for some people. I am not sure how to work this into the article at present. Nor am I sure that the experience is a one off or sufficiently common to justify a stay safe section, or simply de-listing the establishments concerned.

It could be that in an earthquake prone country, renovated older houses have not been renovated to an appropriate building code, if one even exists. Also, given that Iran is an Islamic state, any woman travelling alone is liable to draw attention to herself from the religeously conservative, and others who are even less desirable, simply because she is alone and not being accompanied by a male companion, as would be customary in parts of the Islamic world. Unfortunately, I have never been to this place so couldn't possibly comment more. - (WT-en) Huttite 03:27, 31 January 2009 (EST)

Just to update on this - I'm currently staying here and can't see any truth to the comments. It's one of the most professionally run guesthouses I've stayed in since travelling through Asia for the past 14 months. I see no evidence of earthquake risk other than the fact that it is made of stuco/mud brick - which is logical, because it's located in the old city, and all the buildings here are in this style.

I see now reason why it would be considered 'unsafe' for solo females. I've met several here who seem quite content. All in all it seems a really lovely place with a very cozy, safe atmosphere.

Given the poor English of the comment, I would not be suprised if it was written by a competing Iranian hotel owner.

Tom, Dec 2011