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Page Issues[edit]

Thanks for refining the map - any chance of one (just small) that shows the location of Yorkshire relative to the rest of the UK?

OK, I've uploaded and added a map showing Yorkshire's location, if it's not exactly what you were looking for let me know and I can change it. --(WT-en) Paul. 20:19, 3 December 2006 (EST)

Spot on thanks - can I be cheeky and ask the 3 national parks be added as shaded areas to the larger map? shows the locations? Thanks

Sorry it took so long to get back, but your idea of adding national parks made me go ahead and add them and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, to the main UK map. And that took ages. I've finally finished it now, however, but rather than add the national parks to the larger map on here (which might have made it too crowded) I created a separate map (with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as National Parks) and added it to the "Do" section. --(WT-en) Paul. 00:35, 8 December 2006 (EST)

Thanks - looks great.

Hi, dont know if this will work, but "LEEDS- the new capitol of Yorkshire" ..... did i miss a meeting?..

Which Yorkshire?[edit]

The "Yorkshire" mentioned here seems to be the one that makes up the "Yorkshire and Humber" Region, which is not the real Yorkshire at all. No inclusion of Middlesbrough and Redcar which form a part of the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire, no inclusion of the parts "lost" to Lancashire, Durham and "Cumbria" in 1974, take Sedbergh in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, surely if it wasn't in Yorkshire it wouldn't be in the National Park? The "administrative units" you mention, North, West, East and South Yorkshire are incorrect as well! York became "independent" of North Yorkshire County Council and has its own authority. West and South Yorkshire remain in law only, their county councils were abolished in 1996 and the constituent town and city councils that made up these areas became unitary authoriites. I acknowledge that we still have Police forces and Fire Brigades named after them but I'm sure over time these will change too, in the same way we now have just the "Yorkshire Ambulance Service". I also acknowledge that a lot of people still use these terms as a geographical frame of reference, even though they are incorrect. As for East Yorkshire, well I believe the current name of the council is "East Riding of Yorkshire" but whose administration does not cover the city of Kingston-upon-Hull, but Hull forms part of the East Riding for "ceremonial purposes". Now the term "Riding" means "a third" so how can we have an East Riding and not the West and North Ridings. What a confusing mess local government is in this country! So my point is if you are using the current government region (minus the bit of Lincolnshire south of the Humber), then you should use the CURRENT local government boundaries and authority names! If you want to have Yorkshire in its proper form, then you should use the pre-1974 boundaries as used in any good road atlas of that time. If you want to perpetuate the disgraceful "boundary changes" of 1974, then you would need to omit the East Riding as back then the administrative area was the much hated "Humberside". Mixing elements of the afore-mentioned versions of "Yorkshire" just add confusion! Those pen-pushers in Whitehall have a lot to answer for! The people were never consulted on the changes and they never had a vote on the outcome. A whole generation have grown up not really knowing their true birthright. The Ridings were never abolished, only the county councils were. County councils have only been about since 1888/89, and the ridings and borders existed for many centuries before then! Only the monarch can abolish what many now call the "old" or "traditional" counties. And HM the Queen has never done this. Parliament has even commented on many occasions that (refering to the traditional counties) "it cannot abolish, what it did not create". Rant over. I make no excuse for being a proud Yorkshire man!

One of the problems arising from constant government tinkering is that it is hard to find any easy definition to fit what the people understand as "Yorkshire". Even that public understanding has morphed with people growing up during the changes, so that maybe people don't very much perceive places like Middlesbrough as being in Yorkshire. I think this article makes a good crack at covering a "real" Yorkshire area. ...If you'll permit an objective opinion from a son of the Red Rose county. ;-) (WT-en) Andyfarrell 08:05, 8 November 2007 (EST)

External Links[edit]

I'm uneasy about the use of external links here, for example Walk Yorkshire and the rugby UK Superleague. Anyone got an opinion? (WT-en) Andyfarrell 08:05, 8 November 2007 (EST)