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Central Tel Aviv is the most important area in Tel Aviv for visitors


Central Tel Aviv contains most of the city's most noteworthy sites, and was mostly developed between the founding of Tel Aviv in 1909 (as a suburb of Jaffa) and Israel's independence in 1948.

Get in[edit]

Map of Tel Aviv/Center

By bus[edit]

The city's main long-distance bus stations are around the edge of the centre, see Tel Aviv#Get in.

By train[edit]

Both 1 Tel Aviv Central Train Station and 2 Tel Aviv HaShalom Train Station are on the edge of this district. (However, HaShalom is not served on weekends, i.e. Friday and Saturday.)

Get around[edit]

A dense network of bus lines operates through the Tel Aviv city center, branching out to other districts and suburbs. A map of routes is available here, and Google Maps has up-to-date bus schedules, as well as an efficient routing feature.

Buses do not operate on the Sabbath, i.e. from Friday evening to Saturday evening. However, some service taxis operate on the Sabbath, following specific bus routes.


Streets and areas[edit]

  • 1 Rabin Square. The largest public square in Israel is at the footsteps of the city hall. This square hosts many public demonstrations and events, often with tens of thousands of participants in attendance. The square is named after former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated here during a peace rally in 1995. A memorial in his memory is at the northeast corner of the square. Rabin Square (Q2915104) on Wikidata Rabin Square on Wikipedia
  • 2 Gan Meir. A small garden between King George and Chernihovsky streets. A green little corner in the midst of the metropolitan with a cute pond in the center and a small dog park. On some evenings you might see mature people playing kids' games - it's Tel Aviv. Meir Park, Tel Aviv (Q2911068) on Wikidata Meir Park, Tel Aviv on Wikipedia
  • 3 Sarona, +972 3 609 9028, . Sarona was a Templer colony founded in the late 19th century. The Templers were removed in World War II and the area continued to be used for British and later Israeli government and military offices. Today it is a shopping and entertainment district filled with restored German Templer architecture. It is known for its picturesque paths and buildings, upscale restaurants, and luxurious food market. Sarona (Q18199087) on Wikidata Sarona (colony) on Wikipedia
  • 4 Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv, HaNamal) (Where the Yarkon river meets the sea). Once a commercial seaport, the Port of Tel Aviv was abandoned and later reimagined as a popular attraction and shopping district. The port is one of the most dynamic areas in Tel Aviv, including a multitude of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. During the day, this is a beautiful seaside boardwalk, great for restaurants and people-watching. At night, the bars and nightclubs open up. Tel Aviv Port (Q2889387) on Wikidata Tel Aviv Port on Wikipedia
Dizengoff Square
  • 5 Dizengoff Square. An elevated square on top of which there is a big fountain with a mix of fire and water. This is one of the known symbols of Tel Aviv. It reopened in June 2018 after renovations. Dizengoff Square (Q2889910) on Wikidata Dizengoff Square on Wikipedia
Habima Square at night
  • 6 Habima Square (intersection of Rothschild Boulevard, Hen Boulevard, Dizengoff Street and Ben Zion Boulevard). Home to a number of cultural institutions such as the Habima Theatre, the Culture Palace and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, its draw is the rectangular water feature and corresponding flower bed. In the nighttime, the square comes alive with bustling nightlife and projections against the wall of the Habima Theatre. Habima Square (Q877711) on Wikidata Habima Square on Wikipedia
  • 7 Neve Tzedek. A historical part of town with art galleries and restaurants. Neve Tzedek (Q2632900) on Wikidata Neve Tzedek on Wikipedia
  • 8 Jaffa Railway Station ("Hatachana" [Hebrew for "the station"]), HaMered st. with Koyfman st. Sa-Th 10:00-22:00, F 10:00-17:00. Trains no longer go here, so the station has been transformed into a popular outdoor shopping area. Free entrance. Jaffa Railway Station (Q1033586) on Wikidata Jaffa Railway Station on Wikipedia

Homes and structures[edit]

  • 9 Trumpeldor Cemetery (Old Cemetery), Trumpledor 28. Tel Aviv's original cemetery, where many central figures from the early Zionist period and beginning of the state are buried. You can see the graves of politicians like Dizengoff, Arlozorov, and Prime Minister Moshe Sharet; writers like Bialik, Tchernikhovsky, and Ahad HaAm; singer Arik Einstein; and many others. Most of the famous graves are in a cluster at the west end of the cemetery - very obvious if you can read Hebrew. Trumpeldor cemetery (Q2597530) on Wikidata Trumpeldor Cemetery on Wikipedia
  • 10 Tel Aviv Great Synagogue, 110 Allenby. A large synagogue, built to be the central synagogue for Tel Aviv. But now it essentially functions as a regular neighborhood synagogue, and the neighborhood is pretty secular, so the building is vastly oversized for its current use. There is some nice artwork and stained glass windows inside. From the outside, it is badly in need of a cleaning and paint job, but the modernist arches added in 1969 are worth checking out. Great Synagogue (Q2916686) on Wikidata Great Synagogue (Tel Aviv) on Wikipedia
  • 11 Crazy House, HaYarkon 181. A bizarre apartment building that resembles the buildings of Gaudi in Barcelona. The Crazy Building, Tel Aviv (Q3280158) on Wikidata
  • 12 Pagoda house, Montefiore 43. A large private house built in 1924. Designed with the guideline that it connect Eastern and Western architecture, its elements include Muslim arches, Greek columns, and of course a pagoda. Pagoda House (Q2778028) on Wikidata Pagoda House on Wikipedia
  • 13 Shared Villa, Trumpledor 2. An oddball apartment building on the beach which starts normally, but then grows outward on gravity-defying columns. By architect Tzvi Harel, who drew up the design never intending to build it, until it caught the eye of a local entrepreneur.
  • 14 Asia House, Weizmann 4. A seven-story office building. With oscillating wave-like layers, this is a more modern take on Tel Aviv's traditional white Bauhaus architecture. Beit Asia (Q7185494) on Wikidata
  • 15 David Ben Gurion on his head (South end of Frishman beach). A whimsical statue of David Ben Gurion doing one of his trademark headstands. A good photo op.
  • 16 Altalena memorial. One of the most important moments in early Israeli history happened here. In 1948, David Ben Gurion ordered an attack on the Altalena ship, which was carrying arms for the splinter Irgun militia. Irgun leader Menachem Begin commanded his troops not to defend themselves, believing that nothing could be worse for the new state than a civil war. There is a small memorial here to the 16 Irgun fighters who were killed in the incident. Altalena memorial (Tel Aviv promenade) (Q56374573) on Wikidata


  • 17 Independence Hall (Dizengoff House), 16 Rothschild Blvd, +972 3-5173942. Su-Th 09:00-14:00. In accordance with its name, Independence Hall is the place where the Israeli Declaration of Independence was proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion on 14 May 1948, thus officially establishing the modern State of Israel. Though essentially nondescript on the outside; inside, visitors can see the actual hall itself, watch a short documentary film, and view several artifacts in the small museum. Independence Hall (Q2620299) on Wikidata Independence Hall (Israel) on Wikipedia
  • 18 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd (Bus 9, 70, 82, 142). M W Sa 10:00-18:00, Tu Th 10:00-21:00, F 10:00-14:00. The city's main art gallery focuses on modern and contemporary work. Changing exhibitions are housed here, in the Rubinstein Pavilion and in the Amir Building. (Enter via the Amir as the main frontage and entrance are being rebuilt.) The children's basement is great fun and not just for kids. Within the same complex is the Golda Meir Center of Performing Arts, hosting opera, ballet, and theatre (see "Do"). The city library is also here. Adult ₪50, concession ₪35. Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Q1267958) on Wikidata Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Wikipedia
  • 19 Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, 6 Tarsat Ave (Corner of Dizengoff, 400 m west of main museum). Displays temporary exhibitions from the nearby Museum of Art. Same hours, free entry with museum ticket.
  • 20 Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, 77 Dizengoff St, +972 3-522-0249, . Su-Th 10:00-19:00, F 10:00-14:00. Despite its compact size, it manages to survey almost the entire gamut of the Bauhaus design genre. Detailed exhibitions, books, maps and posters, multimedia and a great little shop. The center also conducts tours of the Tel Aviv Bauhaus White City (F 10AM, duration 2 hours, book ahead) and other destinations. Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv (Q2897763) on Wikidata Bauhaus Center on Wikipedia
  • 21 Ben-Gurion House, 17 Ben Gurion. Home of Prime Minister David Ben Gurion from 1931-1968, and the place where Israel's Declaration of Independence was written. Now it is a museum focusing on Ben Gurion's life. Ben-Gurion House in Tel Aviv (Q1846184) on Wikidata Ben-Gurion House on Wikipedia
  • 22 Gutman Art Museum, Shimon Rokah 21 (In Neve Tzedek). Focuses on the work of painter and sculptor Nachum Gutman. Nahum Gutman Museum of Art (Q7215906) on Wikidata Nahum Gutman Museum of Art on Wikipedia
  • 23 Joseph Bau House, 9 Berdichevsky. A museum run by the daughters of Joseph Bau, an artist who saved many lives during the Holocaust and is featured in the movie "Schindler's List". The daughters give an original and uplifting presentation describing their parents' lives in the context of the Holocaust. Joseph Bau House (Q16130084) on Wikidata
  • 24 Rokach House. A house built in 1887 in Neve Tzedek, at a time when this neighborhood was still considered part of Jaffa, and Tel Aviv did not yet exist. It has been restored to its original condition, and you can tour it and learn about the history of Neve Tzedek and Jewish settlement outside the old city of Jaffa. Rokach House (Q7187071) on Wikidata
  • 25 Museum of Illusions, Yosef Yekutieli 6 (In Tel Aviv Port). A museum of optical illusions, including fun 3D ones like the Ames room that you can walk into.
  • Bialik Square – The following three museums are adjacent to each other in Bialik Square, a beautiful Bauhaus square:
  • Military museums – The following museums are all part of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Museums Unit. You may be able to buy a discounted combined ticket to see all of them.
  • 29 Haganah Museum, 23 Rothschild Blvd., +972 3-560-8624, . Su-Th 09:00-16:00, F 09:00-12:00. Recounting the fascinating story of the embryonic Israel Defence Force, from British Mandate days to Israeli independence in 1948 and beyond, lots of interesting artifacts, weapons and memorabilia. ₪15/10 adults/concessions.
  • 30 Jabotinsky Institute, 38 King George St (just around the corner from the Etzel museum), +972 3-5287320, . M-F 08:00 to 16:00. Small museum all about the life of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Features a film about a clandestine immigration operation and a few cases showing his personal effects. Jabotinsky Institute in Israel (Q2906825) on Wikidata
  • 31 Etzel museum, 38 KIng George St, +972 3 5251387. Su-Th 08:00-16:00. Very detailed history of the Etzel (Irgun) movement and their operations, also includes a short film. This museum tells the overall story of Etzel starting in the 1930s and ending in 1948. (Q11786962) on Wikidata
  • 32 Etzel 1948 museum, 15 Goldman (Near the beach). A separate museum which focuses on Etzel/Irgun military operations in 1948, especially the conquest of northern Jaffa, including the current location of this museum. Beit Gidi (Q11787097) on Wikidata Etzel House on Wikipedia
  • 1 Former Israel Defense Forces History Museum (Batei HaOsef). This used to be a museum of old military vehicles, but in 2019 the contents were moved to Yad LaShiryon museum in Latrun. It's mentioned here so that you don't mistakenly visit it based on old recommendations from elsewhere.


Bograshov Beach
Geula Beach
Aviv Beach
  • Tel Aviv's main beach stretches for 2 km from the port down to the edge of Jaffa. It's all sandy and west-facing, with great sunsets. Different sections are usually named for the nearest main street, and each has its own crowd. Lifeguards come on duty from 07:00 and leave according to season: Sep-Apr 14:00, Apr May & Sep 17:00, Jun 18:00 and Jul-Aug 19:00. A red flag means swim with caution, a black flag means stay ashore. From north to south the main sections are:
  • 1 Metzitzim beach (Sheraton beach). Just south of Tel Aviv Port (which has no beach, the waves crash against the wall of the boardwalk). This beach became famous as the setting of the movie Metzitzim (1972). Now it's the most popular destination for families. Metzitzim Beach, Tel Aviv (Q56378021) on Wikidata
  • 2 Separate beach (Nordau beach, the religious beach). This beach is male-only on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday and female-only on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. On Saturdays it's open to everyone. It attracts many religious people who don't want to be seen by the opposite sex in bathing attire. It's surrounded by a wall to prevent people outside from looking.
  • 3 Dog beach. A narrow strip of beach, south of the separate beach, where dogs are permitted.
  • 4 Hilton beach. A meeting place for Tel Aviv's LGBT community. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv (Q56376795) on Wikidata
  • 5 Surfers' beach. Just south of Hilton beach, the waves off this narrow beach are popular with surfers.
  • 6 Gordon beach. Full of beach volleyball courts, exercise equipment, and other sports facilities.
  • 7 Frishman beach. A very busy beach with a heavy presence of French speakers. Also known for the elderly locals who come here early in the mornings to exercise.
  • 8 Bograshov beach. A beach that heavily attracts Tel Aviv residents, and is quieter than some of the other beaches in town. Bugrashov Beach, Tel Aviv (Q56377198) on Wikidata
  • 9 Trumpeldor beach.
  • 10 Jerusalem beach (Allenby beach). The biggest destination for teenagers, who find it easy to get here from the nearby Carmel Market bus terminal. Opposite Allenby street, it was renamed in 1987 in honor of Jerusalem. Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv (Q56377589) on Wikidata
  • 11 Geula beach.
  • 12 Banana beach.
  • 13 Aviv beach (Tel Aviv beach, Dolphinarium beach, Tupim beach, Banana Drum beach). The beach has an Eastern vibe, with yoga, tai chi, and drum circles taking place at various hours of the day. (Q20502373) on Wikidata
  • 14 Alma beach (Charles Clore beach). There is no breakwater here, which makes the waves bigger and more dangerous, and fewer people go into the water here. However, this is Tel Aviv's most beautiful beach, with a nice view of Old Jaffa. At sundown, you can see brides and grooms who come here to take pictures together.
  • 15 Azrieli Center Lookout, Azrieli Center. Head to the Azrieli Center to see Tel Aviv from above. This complex with its three geometrical skyscrapers (with circle, square, and triangle footprints) is a graphical icon of the city. The bottom 3 floors contain a full-size and very popular shopping mall. But we've come here in order to climb up to the 49th floor of the circular tower, from which, they say, you can see on a good day as far as to Haifa. There’s also a posh restaurant up there, 2C Tel Aviv, which naturally charges extra for the location, it is circular kind of like the Space Needle in Seattle, but it doesn't spin, (Kosher; Tel. 03-6081990; about ₪200 per person). To get to the lookout, go to the top floor in the center of the shopping mall, and from there you can enter the circular tower where there is an elevator to the top. ₪22.
  • 16 Golda Meir Center of Performing Arts, Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 19 (Same building complex as the Museum of Art). Hosts opera, ballet, theatre, and concerts.
Bridge in Yarkon park
  • 17 The Yarqon Park. The largest public park in Tel Aviv. The Yarqon River runs through the park, and spills into the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the park lies north of the river, but the south bank has a nice portion of it as well. The park is an excellent place for physical activities of all kinds - walking, jogging, cycling, boating, kissing, etc. You can also come and join a game of football/basketball at almost any time. The park is clean (but the river is not - do not swim!) and except for a few small parts is very well lit at night. Yarkon Park (Q1683522) on Wikidata Yarkon Park on Wikipedia
  • 18 Segway tour, +972 3 544-7373, . Meeting at the Tel Aviv Port, you can ride a Segway through the Yarkon park or along the Tel Aviv beach. No experience necessary. Must reserve in advance.
  • 19 Tel Aviv Marina. A port for yachts, sailing boats, and other small craft. (Not to be confused with the "Tel Aviv Port", which no longer functions as a port.) At the marina, you can engage in diving, sailing, and other water activities. There are also a few restaurants, and of course it's right next to the beach. Tel Aviv Marina (Q7217322) on Wikidata
  • 20 Tel Aviv Rollers (TAR), Ha'Bima Parking Lot. Tu 22:00. The hottest inline skating group in the country! Every Tuesday 50 to 250 inline skaters of all ages gather around in the parking lot in front of Ha'Bima theater in Tel Aviv at 22:00. The departure is at 22:30 for a nightskating on Tel Aviv's roads.
  • 21 Hithavut. Israel's secular and religious sides meet in this venue, which sort of a cross between a synagogue and a nightclub, and hosts religious classes as well as concerts, drinking, and dancing.
  • 22 Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Shprinzak 2 and HaArba'a 2. cinematheque and movie archive with 5 cinema halls and space for watching movies from its archives. The Cinematheque screens Israeli and foreign films, and private events. Film festivals include held at the cinematheque include TLVFest, "Doc Aviv" Documentary Film Festival, "Moments of French Cinema", an Australian Film Festival and more. Its lobby hosts photo exhibitions by Israeli artists. The current building was designed by Israeli Architect Salo Hershman, and was opened in 1989. Tel Aviv Cinematheque (Q2916134) on Wikidata Tel Aviv Cinematheque on Wikipedia


Main Shopping Streets[edit]

  • 1 Shenkin St.. A trendy and much livelier street that has mainly clothing shops of smaller less known designers along with known brands. Also contains many coffee shops and restaurants. During Friday this street is as crowded on the sidewalk as most of Tel Aviv is on the road.
  • 2 Dizengoff St.. Many different shops all along Dizengoff street, with the north of Dizengoff is spread with many small Israeli designer shops.
  • 3 Ben Yehuda St.. A street that is close to the beach and tourist area has several Judaica, Jewelery and Souvenir shops.
  • 4 Nachalat Binyamin St.. Offers tiny stores selling everything from cheap household accessories like clothes hangers and ironing boards, to specialist kosher butchers and cheese stores.
  • 5 Kikar HaMedina (Nation Square), Corner of Weizmann and Jabotinsky. One of the biggest squares in Tel Aviv (and Israel). A very expensive and chic area for shopping with many major designer stores all around a big green circular traffic square.


  • 6 Carmel Market. The largest and most famous market in Tel Aviv. Hosting clothing, food, souvenirs, and other shops. Watch out for the prices, not seldomly prices double for tourists. Carmel Market (Q1708950) on Wikidata Carmel Market on Wikipedia
  • 7 Nachalat Binyamin arts and crafts fair, Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian zone, . Tu 10:00-18:00, F 10:00-17:00. A craft fair is held in the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian zone every Tuesday and Friday (often more frequently during the summer and other holidays). In addition to the truly original crafts (which can make good gifts), presented by their creators, you can enjoy a good atmosphere and street shows.
  • 8 Dizengoff Antiques Market (Tel Aviv Antiques and Secondhand Goods Market). Tu 11:00-21:00, F 07:00-16:00. Held twice a week in Dizengoff Square, this is a good place to find all sorts of vintage and second-hand goods.


  • 9 Azriely Center (HaShalom Mall), Kaplan/Begin/Hashalom intersection. Situated at the feet of the Azriely Towers and connected to HaShalom Train Station. This is the largest mall in the city and is often over crowded. Visitors can climb to the top of the mall for a nice free view of the city, or get to the observatory at the top of the Circular Tower (see in the "do" section). There are many stores in the mall, along with a large movie theater.
  • 10 Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff 50 (corner of Dizengoff and King George streets). The first mall in Israel. This large mall has, in addition to the usual selection, some specialty shops, such as musical instruments, stamps, hand-held devices, hobby etc. On Thursday and Friday there is a food market inside the mall with all kinds of restaurants and amateur chefs selling dishes for decent prices. Dizengoff Center (Q2910753) on Wikidata Dizengoff Center on Wikipedia
  • 11 Gan Ha'ir. Just off Rabin Square, an up-market oriented mini-mall with a great cafe at the top of it. Gan HaYir Tower (Q7190035) on Wikidata
  • 12 TLV Fashion Mall. A new shopping mall that mainly focuses on fashion. Located where the former wholesale market was. TLV fashion mall (Q86006486) on Wikidata

Other stores[edit]

  • 13 Daffodil 11, 101 Dizengoff, Hod Passage (at the corner of Dizengoff and Frishman Streets in the covered passageway). One of the cities best second hand clothing shops. Sells modern, trendy clothing at unbelievably low prices.
  • 14 Sipur Pashut book shop, Shabazi St. 36. Founded in 2003 by Neve Tzedek residents, the Sipur Pashut Book Shop is counted among Israel’s outstanding, independent bookshops. Sipur Pashut holds a vast English collection.

Art Galleries:

  • 15 Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yehuda Street, +972 3-5240323. Contemporary art by local artists.
  • 16 Sommer Gallery, 13 Rothschild Blvd, +972 3-5166400. Young contemporary art by Israeli and international artists.
  • 17 [dead link] Gallery 97 Tel Aviv, 97 Ben Yehuda St (5 min from the Waterfron and HaYarkon St). Su-Th 11:00-19:00, F 12:00- 15:00. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Gallery97 specializes in superior quality Israeli and Jewish art. A modern art gallery, concentrating on purchasing and selling artworks from Ecole de Paris and Jewish artists of the 20th century.

Antiques Shops:

  • 18 Egozi Gallery, 35 Shaul Ha'Melech (America bldg, near the Tel Aviv Museum), +972 3-5277282. Gallery and an auction house for art and antiques.
  • 19 Ziva Tal Antique Shop, 207 Dizengoff Street, +972 3-5275311.


Kerem Ha'Temanim is known for its great little restaurants. The neighbourhood is laden with them. Almost all of them offer quality Humos, and most of them also offer Thina, Shakshuka a variety of soups. A small walk through the area in a hot Israeli day will show you how popular these tiny places are. Simply pick a sit at the most crowded place possible and the waitress will be with you in a second.


  • 1 Humus - the son of the Syrian ("The Syrian"), Hillel ha-Zaken St 10. A great hummus restaurant in the Kerem. Don't be frightened by his angry facial expression; he's always like that.
  • 2 Bar Gurion, Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 82 (on Ben Gurion Ave/Dizengoff St). Sandwiches street bar
  • 3 Abu Adham, Carlebach St 7 (Karlibach street & Ibn Gvirol). One of the best hummus places in Tel Aviv
  • 4 Hummus Abu Dabi, 81 King George (near Dizengoff Center). Sa-Th 10:30-23:00, F 10:30-18:00. Small laid back vegan hummus place. It's open onto the street so it's a great place to have lunch and watch the locals as they rush by while you relax to the sound of Reggae. Fridays tend to be especially crowded.
  • 5 Mashawsha (Hummus Mashawsha), Pinsker St 40.


  • 6 Rustico, Rothschild Bvd 15, +972 3-5100039. Su-Th 12:00-23:30, F Sa 09:30-00:00. Great long-established Italian restaurant. Pizza US$15, mains US$25 (Dec 2018).
  • 7 Tony Vespa, 140 Rothschild Ave. Tasty and affordable Pizzeria. The Pizza is made in the style of Rome with a thick crust, many kinds of toppings, and is paid for according to weight. Great place for a late night snack.
  • 8 Streets, 70 King George. Popular and stylish street side cafe. It's open 24/7 and offers some good dishes as well.


  • 9 Messa, 19 HaArba'a St, +972 3-6856859. Daily 12:00-15:30 & 19:00-23:30. Upscale restaurant, European and Mediterranean cuisine. Starters ₪50, mains ₪150 (Dec 2018).
  • 10 Onami, 18 Haarba'a St, +972 3-5621172. Daily 12:00-00:00. Japanese restaurant, mostly sushi and fish. Alongside is "Oban Koban" street-style food.
  • 11 Four One Six (416), Haarba'a 16, . Vegan restaurant.
  • The 11th Floor Restaurant, Crown Plaza City Center Hotel, Azrieli Towers (Azriely). Breakfast: Su–F 06:30–10:30. The 11th Floor Restaurant has views of the cityscape of Tel Aviv. This restaurant has a spacious setting and creative dishes, recalling the finest New York restaurants. Chef Eitan Mizrahi has created an outstanding kosher menu.


The center of Tel Aviv is crawling with pubs and bars, while the clubs are clustered at the north and south ends. The night scene in Tel Aviv is very active, bars come and go, and yesterday's hot spot is the lamest spot today. So the descriptions, names, and rating of the places might change overnight; ask around locally. Those listed here were all still in business in early 2019.

Around Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda:

  • Rosa Parks, Dizengoff 265. Sa-Th 18:00-03:00, F 13:00-04:00. A small but crowded little bar, named for the African American civil rights activist.
  • 223 Bar, Dizengoff 223. F-Tu 18:00-02:00, W Th 18:00-03:00. Cocktail bar with music.
  • 1 Ozen Bar, 48 King George, +972 3 6215210. Rock bar and venue. There are 2 shows nightly by the hottest local indie bands and even the occasional party. It's right above Haozen Hashlishit (The Third Ear) store.
  • 2 Silon, 89 King George, +972 3 6200053. Su-Th 18:00-04:00, F Sa 20:00-05:00.
  • 3 Tepale, 87 King George, +972 50-3337095. cheap.

Promenade & HaYarkon:

  • 4 Mike's Place, 90 Herbert Samuel (about 100 m (330 ft) north of the American Embassy). An American-style bar features live music every night of the week. Also features outdoor seating in the more pleasant weather, pool table and televised sporting events. Mostly Anglo 20-30 something crowd, very good bar with several kinds of beer on tap. Mike's Place (Q18344752) on Wikidata Mike's Place on Wikipedia
  • 5 Mendalimos, Hayarkon 102 (in front of the Dan Hotel), +972 508-464462, . An Israeli pub and dance-bar. This is where a lot of the locals go to just to grab a beer or to enjoy the nightlife scene. Vintage design indoors, alongside outdoor balcony in which all the most important sports games are broadcast. Trendiest music from abroad and Israel.
  • 6 Molly Bloom's Irish Pub, 2 Mendele St (corner of HaYarkon St). Daily 16:00-02:00. The first Irish pub in Tel Aviv, great atmosphere and reasonable prices, busy at weekends. Has food and outdoor seating. Often many UK and Irish customers, strangely enough. Molly has another branch at 6 Aluf Albert Mendler St near HaShalom station. But no relation to Leo Bloom's Bar in the Ziv Tower out in the north city; fittingly so, since Molly's main problem with Leo was the "no relation".


  • Cheers, 56 Allenby St. Daily 18:00-06:00. Bar with mostly good reviews. Israeli timekeeping: happy hour is from opening to 22:00.
  • 7 Temptation, 35 Allenby St. Daily 20:00-05:00. A dark 2-floor dance-bar with mainly hip-hop music. Tuesday is karaoke night.
  • Chaser, 44 Allenby St. Mixed reviews, expensive.
  • The Minzar, Allenby 54. A bar for drinking while planning the next revolution. A very established Tel Aviv institution that's highly popular with students of humanities at Tel Aviv University.
  • 8 Salon Berlin, 15 Najara (Near the Allenby-Shenkin junction). Laid back bar and trendy clothing store. When the hipsters tire of mingling at HaProzdor, they walk down here to sit down and chill with their friends. During daytime you may also check out the clothing store next door which boasts its own trendy clothing line.

Rothschild St & around:

  • abraXas, 40 Lilenblum (short block west of Allenby). M Tu 19:00-04:00, W Th Sa Su 19:00-00:00, F 13:00-19:00 & 20:00-00:00. Good food & music.
  • Lima, 42 Lilinblum. Mainly a hip-hop dance-bar with an outside area. Attracts a diverse crowd, from suburban party girls to highbrow philosophy students.
  • 9 Flame, 42 Nahalat Binyamin. A small dark pick-up bar with a very friendly atmosphere. Tuesday nights: 1 + 1 on drinks.

Ibn Gabirol:

  • 10 HaShoftim, 39 Ibn Gabirol (corner of HaShoftim St). Classic wooden bar with stout on tap and outdoor seating as well.

Other areas:

  • 11 Shalvata, Tel Aviv port, +972 53 9442873. Su Sa 09:00 - last customer. Coffee shop, bar-restaurant, on the beach
  • 12 Dancing Camel Brewing Company, Hataasiya 12 (corner Hamasger), +972 3-624-2783, . Tel Aviv's only microbrewery and Israel's oldest continually operating microbrewery. Featuring 16 types of hand-crafted beers brewed on premises. Always an interesting seasonal beer or two (try the Golem - an Iced IPA at 11.3% on tap every full moon). Bar extends into the brewery so you can sit only a few feet from the copper brewhouse. Live Blues on Monday nights, Jazz on Tuesday nights. During Football season enjoy Sunday night football every week. Nice mix of Anglo-Israeli crowd; highest rated beer destination in Israel on
  • 13 Alma De Cuba, Ha'arba'a 8, +972 53 5325972, . Cuban bar & lounge. Salsa dance club.



Most hostels will also have private rooms available.

  • 1 Crown Sea Hostel, Yona HaNavi St. 7, +972 77-442-5816. Clean friendly hostel by Ge'ula beach. Dorm ₪90.
  • 2 Little Tel Aviv Hostel, Yehuda ha-Levi St 51, +972 3-559-5050. Clean friendly hostel not far from the bus station. Dorm bed ₪70.
  • 3 Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv, 21 Levontin St, +972 3-624-9200. Gets good reviews for vibe, cleanliness and location. Dorm ₪70.
  • 4 Gordon Inn, Ben Yehuda 77, +972 3-523-8239. Guest house with 7 private rooms, no dorm, very basic but comfy. Close to the beach. Double (room only) ₪280.
  • 5 Hayarkon Hostel, 48 Hayarkon St, +972 77-536-4769. Close to beach but very uneven quality. Dorm ₪70.
  • 6 Beachfront Hostel, Herbert Samuel St. 78, +972 3-744-0347. Handy for beachfront, gets mixed reviews for quality of accommodation. Dorm bed ₪90.
  • 7 Momo's Hostel, 28 Ben Yehuda St, +972 3-629-7421. Rooms small and a bit dated, rated only 3.2 out of 5, but good value for such a central location. Dorm bed from ₪90, private room from ₪200.


  • 8 Dizengoff Suites Boutique Hotel, 39 Gordon St (Corner of Dizengoff), +972 3-523 4363, fax: +972 3-527 3524, . Boutique hotel with 5 suites, no single rooms, long rentals available. Doubles (room only) ₪550.
  • 9 Bell Hotel, HaYarkon 50 (corner with Allenby), +972 3-517-4291. Near the beach, short walk from centre. Rooms are small, the "spa" is just a dry sauna, and there's quite a bit of street noise. B&B double from ₪350.
  • 10 Artist Hotel, 35 Ben Yehuda, +972 3-797 1700. A combined art museum/hotel, original modern art fills the entire hotel. Central location. Part of Atlas chain. B&B double ₪420.
  • 11 Golden Beach Hotel, Herbert Samuel St. 56, +972 3-516 2727. On Tel Aviv beachfront, 1 km north of Jaffa. Okay for comfort. Double ₪700.
  • 12 [dead link] Sun City Hotel, Yona HaNavi St 41 (corner with Allenby St), +972 3-5177913. Clean & friendly, handy for beach, Sheinkin St., the arts and crafts fair at Nahalat Binyamin & Bezalel Market. B&B double from ₪310.
  • 13 Armon Hayarkon, 268 Hayarkon, +972 3-605 5271. Mid-range hotel, they usually score well for comfort, cleanliness and service. B&B double ₪500.
  • 14 Cinema Hotel Tel Aviv, 1 Zamenhoff St (next to Dizengoff Square), +972 3-520-7100. Located in an restored 1930 Bauhaus building, the Esther Cinema. Rooms and public areas are decorated with a cinema theme - they've done this with real pizzazz. Breakfast is excellent. B&B doubles from ₪350.
  • 15 Leonardo Beach Hotel (Marina Tel Aviv), 156 Hayarkon, +972 3-5211777, fax: +972 3-5211770. On the sea shore promenade. Has a great view of the marina. B&B double from ₪450.
  • 16 Prima Tel Aviv, 105 HaYarkon, +972 3-5206666. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. A 4-star, boutique hotel across from the beach. Doubles from ₪700.
  • 17 Grand Beach Hotel, 250 Hayarkon St., +972 3-543 3333, . Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. Spacious, renovated rooms, and stylish urban design. Each room is equipped with a mini fridge, LCD television and cable, and personal safe. A spacious pool and sunbathing area on the roof of the hotel has panoramic view of the seashore and the city.
  • 18 Vital Hotel Tel Aviv, Weizmann 14, +972 3-7770000, fax: +972 3-7770020. Boutique hotel. An elevator connects the hotel with the new shopping mall and cafes at Weizmann Center. B&B double from ₪660.
  • 19 Hotel de la Mer, 62 Hayarkon, +972 3-510 0011, fax: +972 3-5167575. Boutique hotel in a Bauhaus building, rooms in a minimalist style. No breakfast on site, you get a voucher for the cafe a short block away. They also run the Olympia 500 m north along the street. Double (room only) ₪320.
  • 20 Ana Bnei Dan Hostel (Israel Youth Hostel Association), 36 Bnei Dan St, +972 3-5441748, fax: +972 3-5441030, . 45 rooms all with a/c. Private from ₪400.
  • 21 The Lusky, 84 Hayarkon (One block back from promenade), +972 3 5163030, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Clean friendly place, free parking, most rooms have kitchenettes. B&B double from ₪630.
  • 22 Maxim Hotel Tel Aviv, 86 Hayarkon, +972 3-517 3721, . Friendly hotel within a minute of the beach, rooms are small. B&B double ₪550.
  • 23 Savoy Hotel Sea-Side Tel Aviv, 5 Ge'ula, +972 3 514-0500. Barely 60 m from beach, nice rooms but a tad small. Great sunset views from rooftop terrace but this is a smoking area. B&B double ₪660.
  • 24 Tal Hotel Tel Aviv, HaYarkon 287, +972 3 542-5500. Good hotel within walking distance of the nightlife, beach and Dizengoff. Part of Atlas chain who have a dozen hotels in TA. B&B double ₪840.
  • 25 Pink House Tel Aviv, 17 Raban Gamliel st. (corner with 10 Nagara st.), +972 54 443-8800. The only gay guest house in Israel. It is in the heart of Tel Aviv gay and center district and a short walk to the beach. Best to book in advance.
  • 26 Shalom Hotel & Relax, 216 Hayarkon, +972 3-762 5400. Boutique hotel near the marina, gets great reviews for comfort and service. B&B double ₪1,050.


Dan Hotel on Frishman beach

The most expensive hotels in Tel Aviv are mostly situated in the first line of buildings along the shoreline. While many bear internationally-renowned brand names and most comply with the typical standards expected by European and American travellers, they often suffer from poor design and construction quality, lax maintenance and lack of renovation over the years.

  • 27 Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel, 3 Havakuk St, +972 3-545 2222, fax: +972 3-5469346, . Boutique-style hotel with suites in contemporary style. Double (room only) ₪1,150.
  • 28 Carlton Tel Aviv, 10 Eliezer Peri St, +972 3-520 1818, fax: +972 3-527 1043, . Next to marina, some construction noise, but generally a good standard for rooms and service. Double (room only) ₪1,200.
  • 29 Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 145, +972 3-520 1111. Good location by marina, okay rooms, but a lot of noisy construction all day long - the end date for this isn't known. Double (room only) ₪630.
  • Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, Kaufmann 10 (next to Intercontinental David), +972 3-520 2552, fax: +972 3-548 0111, . Beachfront hotel gets great reviews for comfort, food and service. Double (room only) ₪870.
  • 30 Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, 99 HaYarkon, +972 3-520 2552, fax: +972 3-548 0111, . Boxy modern hotel on the shoreline. Quality of rooms varies greatly depending on whether they've been upgraded yet: this work continues in early 2020. Double (room only) ₪1,300.
  • 31 Intercontinental David Tel Aviv, 12 Kaufman, +972 3-795 1111, fax: +972 3-795 1112, . Great location near beach, decent rooms showing their age. Service mostly good with some lapses. Double (room only) ₪630.
  • 32 Hilton Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 25 (Independence Park, north end of Ben Yehuda), +972 3-520 2222, fax: +972 3-527 2711. Large hotel on northern seafront. Rooms okay but showing their age, service erratic. Double (room only) ₪800.
  • 33 Sheraton Tel Aviv, HaYarkon Street 115 (200 m south of marina by fork with Herbert Samuel St), +972 3-521 1111. A high-class international chain hotel, overlooking the Med; part of the Marriott chain and fairly reliable for comfort. B&B double from ₪350.
  • 34 Crowne Plaza City Center Tel Aviv, Menachem Begin St. 136 (by HaShalom railway station at east edge of centre), +972 3-777 4000. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. In the Azrieli tower complex 2 km from sea, reliable chain offering. B&B double from ₪520.
  • 35 Isrotel Tower Hotel, HaYarkon 78, +972 3-511 3636. Good location and rooms, try for a sea view else all you see is surrounding construction. The roof-top pool is neat. Parking is problematic but that's typical for downtown TA. Double (room only) ₪700.
  • 36 The Drisco Hotel (The Drisco Hotel Tel-Aviv), Auerbach St 6, Tel-Aviv, +972 3-741 0000, . Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 12:00. The Drisco Hotel is in the center of the picturesque and pastoral American – German colony in Tel Aviv which was established in 1866, with a quiet and pleasant environment surrounded by beautiful houses which were restored by an artist. The George and John restaurant, headed by chef Tomer Tal, won the title "the best restaurant in Israel" and made it into the top 6 in the ranking of the best restaurants of "Middle East & North Africa's 50 Best Restaurants" of 2023. You can also find throughout the hotel other lovely sites; the lounge – which is decorated with original historical murals painted in 1925, a pleasant rooftop terrace – overlooking to the beach of Tel Aviv, a beautiful patio – were you can enjoy breakfast, fully equipped gym, spa treatment rooms, well maintained garden.
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