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This template is used for listing an event.

In addition to parameters available with the {{do}} template, this template includes date fields. These are used to provide tracking of out of date events. These can be updated or removed, providing the traveller with more useful information as well as a more regular update of pages which help search engine ratings.


* {{event| name= | url= 
| year= | month= | date= 
| endyear= | endmonth= | enddate=
| location= | country= 
| content= 
* {{event| name= | url= 
| yymmdd=
| endyymmdd= 
| location= | country= 
| content= 
* {{event| name= | url= 
| frequency=
| location= | country= 
| content= 

Parameters - required[edit]

  • name: the name of the museum, activity, attraction, or whatever.
  • year: of the event
    • If event occurs on the same date each year can enter annual
  • month: event starts
  • date: day event starts
  • endyear: year event ends (required only if different)
  • endmonth: month event ends (required only if different)
  • enddate: day event ends (required only if different)
  • yymmdd : start data of event in format YYYYY-MM-DD, for example 2017-11-18
  • endyymmdd : end date of event in format YYYYY-MM-DD (required only if different)
  • frequency : Free text, does not use dates, for regular events. For example Every other Saturday, first Monday of each Month.

Parameters - recommended[edit]

  • url: the URL for the official Web site for this attraction (see external links for more guidelines).
  • content:brief description of the event

Parameters - recommended when not location article (eg travel topic or itinerary)[edit]

  • location: where event takes place (if possible article name)
  • country : country where event takes place

Parameters - optional[edit]

  • alt: an alternative name, either in the local language or just an alternative.
  • address: a street address for finding the attraction, for places where this is meaningful.
  • directions: additional brief directions besides the street address, such as cross streets, nearby subway or bus stations.
  • phone: a phone number for making reservations or getting more information.
  • tollfree: a toll-free phone number, if available.
  • email: an email address for making reservations or getting more information.
  • fax: a fax number.
  • hours: opening hours of the attraction, when applicable.
  • price: price of admission.
  • lat: Decimal latitude (GPS coordinates) for map output.
  • long: Decimal longitude (GPS coordinates) for map output.
    • Note: lat and long should have the same number of decimal places (using trailing zeroes if applicable). If one is present, so should the other be.
  • wikidata: Wikidata QID of the listing.
  • wikipedia: Wikipedia article of the listing.



* {{event|name=Saint Paul Winter Carnival| url=http://www.winter-carnival.com/ | year=2015| | month=January| date=23 | endmonth= February| enddate=1 |location=Saint Paul| content=Cool family entertainment including parade, ice sculptures and cabaret}}