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This template builds a map that shows a group of mapshapes on a single map. It is particularly useful for things like maps of neighboring cities or regions. This template requires that the areas being displayed have Wikidata IDs that have been associated to OpenStreetMap records - see the documentation for Template:Mapshape for more details on using Wikidata IDs with dynamic maps.


  • lat: (Required) The latitude for the center point of the map. Example: 37.18.
  • long: (Required) The longitude for the center point of the map. Example: -120.67.
  • zoom: (Optional) The zoom level for the map. Must be a value from 0 to 18, or "auto" (0=Earth, 18=city block, auto=show all markers).
  • name: (Optional) The name to display in the map caption.
  • group: (Optional) The internal group name for the map. This parameter is generally only needed if this template is used more than once on a page, or to synchronize with any markers for the map (see examples below).
  • width: (Optional) The width in pixels for the map. Defaults to 400.
  • height: (Optional) The height in pixels for the map. Defaults to 400.
  • highlight-wikidata: (Optional) One or more wikidata IDs (separated by commas) indicating mapshapes to display with a fill color.
  • group-wikidata: (Required) One or more wikidata IDs (separated by commas) indicating mapshapes to display without a fill color.


Example demonstrating a basic {{mapgroup}}, including two points of interest:

| lat=37.18
| long=-120.67
| zoom=7
| name=[[Merced County]]'s neighboring counties
| height=300
| highlight-wikidata=Q109690
| group-wikidata=Q108503,Q156346,Q156191,Q109661,Q271915,Q109656,Q110739
* {{marker|type=vicinity|name=[[Stanislaus County]]|lat=37.60|long=-120.94}}
* {{marker|type=vicinity|name=[[Fresno County]]|lat=36.75|long=-119.65}}

...which produces:

Example demonstrating how to include a second {{mapgroup}} template in an article. For this use case, the second invocation must specify a unique "group" value so that the map extension can properly determine what map each shape and marker belongs to:

| lat=35.3
| long=-118.9
| zoom=6
| name=[[Kern County]]'s neighboring counties
| height=300
| group=neighbors
| highlight-wikidata=Q108047
| group-wikidata=Q156358,Q109686,Q109670,Q108053,Q104994,Q108127,Q108106,Q49014,Q108072
* {{marker|type=vicinity|group=neighbors|name=[[Inyo County]]|lat=36.58|long=-117.42}}
* {{marker|type=vicinity|group=neighbors|name=[[San Bernardino County]]|lat=34.7|long=-116.2}}

...which produces:

See also[edit]

  • {{mapframe}} - Template used to add a dynamic map to an article.
  • {{mapmask}} - Used to create a mask using manually entered latitude/longitude pairs; useful for drawing city or region borders that aren't available from OpenStreetMap.
  • {{mapshape}} - Used to create a mask, shape or line using data from the OpenStreetMap database; useful for city or region borders, or for showing routes.