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This template overlays a dark polygonal mask on a dynamic map so that the subject area is more clearly delineated. Mask display can be turned on or off by toggling the "GPX tracks / Map mask" layer control.


See Wikivoyage:How to use dynamic maps#Custom districts and tracks for instructions on creating GPX tracks for use with this template.

The points of the mask polygon are marked with {{Mapmask|lat,long|lat,long| ... |lat,long}}

  • Required parameters:
|lat,long pairs of geographical co-ordinates for each corner of the masking polygon.
  • Example:
  • A working example:
View full screen dynamic map for Brooklyn/Downtown

Useful tools

Other examples

param name default meaning
group mask Name of the group to use for the highlighting
latitude 0
longitude 0
zoom 0
text empty (hides it) for <maplink>, what text to show
mask (show as mask) if set, will show highlight instead of a mask
title See GeoJson simple style for these
fill-opacity 0.3
stroke-width 0.5
tag maplink Which tag to use. Can be "maplink", "mapframe", or others like "syntaxhighlight" for debugging
pretty Useful for debugging - shows json as pretty printed. Do not use for production

Nothing is shown

"{{Mapmask | 10,-30 | 50,-30 | 40,30 | 10,30 }}"

With 'text='

{{Mapmask | zoom=2 | text= | 10,-30 | 50,-30 | 40,30 | 10,30 }}

With 'text="Something"'

{{Mapmask | zoom=2 | text=Something | 10,-30 | 50,-30 | 40,30 | 10,30 }}


Show highlighted, red-colored area. {{Mapmask | tag=mapframe | align=left | zoom=2 | mask= | fill=#FF0000 | group= | width=420|height=420 |10,-30|50,-30|40,30|10,30}}


This will show data as pretty-printed JSON using the syntaxhighlight extension {{Mapmask | tag=syntaxhighlight | pretty= | lang=json | 10,-30 | 50,-30 | 40,30 | 10,30 }}

See also

  • {{mapframe}} - Template used to add a dynamic map to an article.
  • {{mapshape}} - Used to create a mask, shape or line using data from the OpenStreetMap database; useful for city or region borders, or for showing routes.