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This template displays a short summary of standard information for countries. It should go at the top of the Understand section in every country article. Note that per current consensus, quickbars should ONLY be used for articles about sovereign countries and their separately-administered territories (generally speaking, places with their own 2-character ISO country code and Internet Top-Level Domain). It should not be used for U.S. states, Canadian provinces, or any other article type. You may make a suggestion on the Template talk:Quickbar page if you feel that quickbars should be used for other article types, but be aware it's been discussed a lot.

The template gets all its information directly from Wikidata. Please add information there. A summary of values is at d:Wikidata:Wikivoyage/Lists/Quickbar.

Use this format for transclusion:


In case you want to overwrite fields locally you can use this version, even though Wikidata should be used preferably:

| location=location.png
| capital=[[Capital]]
| currency=currency used
| population=recent population estimate
| electricity=electrical voltage and current (plug type)
| callingcode=country code immediately preceded by "+" international access code symbol
| timezone=time zone(s) in relation to UTC
| emergencies=emergency phone numbers

You can specify a different Wikidata item to fetch certain info from. For example, the following examples fetches all fields from the current Wikidata item, except for the country code, which is sourced from France: