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This is a speedy deletion template for text, originally imported from another wiki, which is no longer needed as a new page (with no imported text and therefore no corresponding attribution footer) has been created locally to cover the same topic.


  • Users should be able to create a new version of placename at placename/new (so Elbonia would be rewritten as Elbonia/new)
  • The page would start as an empty skeleton (such as {{smallcity skeleton}})
  • Any useful contributions made after the original page was imported are preserved by taking one user's text at a time and inserting it into the new page with that contributor's name cited in the edit summary ("Importing contributions from User:Soandso...")
  • The imported text is discarded in its entirety and new text written at placename/new based on other sources.
  • The old page is tagged for speedy deletion to allow the new one to be moved into its place.


  • This tag is intended for nearly empty articles or articles nearly empty at the time of migration, or pages from which none of the original text was kept. This would include contentless articles, skeletons, near-skeletons and redirects.
  • As the CC-BY-SA license requires attribution to authors, this should not be used in cases where the new page merely paraphrases large blocks of the original text or provides incomplete attribution to the original authors.
  • As a speedy deletion tag, this is intended solely for uncontroversial deletion and replacements for SEO purposes. If a deletion has the potential to be controversial, VfD may be a more suitable venue.

See Wikivoyage talk:Search Expedition#Re-creation of articles for SEO purposes.