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This template is aimed to create a marking for roads, based on Wikimedia road signs. Will link to Wikivoyage or Wikipedia page if exists.

{{Sign of road/sandbox|Wikidata QID}}

To obtain the Wikidata QID

  1. go to the Wikipedia page of the road (any language) and click on the side bar option "Wikidata item", use the Q number showed at top of the page.
  2. go to Wikidata and search for the road
  3. if nether exist then should just use text entry or make the effort to create the Wikidata and Wikipedia pages.

Based on Wikidata information, the template automatically uses the correct sign icon, and sees if there is a Wikivoyage, then if not an English Wikipedia page. If neither exist the Wikidata page is linked. Road number parameter will be used as mouse over if exists.

Usage examples[edit]

  • For example
    • {{Sign of road/sandbox|Q54725}} gives 5 - Has Wikivoyage page, but no road number on wikidata
    • {{Sign of road/sandbox|Q327162}} gives E40 - Has no Wikivoyage page but has Wikipedia page
    • {{Sign of road/sandbox|Q1872714}} gives B402 - Has no Wikivoyage or Wikipedia page, has no image but is road number on wikidata
    • {{Sign of road/sandbox|Q5415271}} gives B404 - Has no Wikivoyage or Wikipedia page, has no image or road number on wikidata
    • {{Sign of road/sandbox|Q5634563456345}} gives US blank wide.svg - Has no wikidata page