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The template should be placed at the top of the "Sleep" section in articles to give provide an indication of what price ranges are represented by the "Budget", "Mid-range" and "Splurge" sub-sections:

| Under $50
| $50 - $100
| Over $100

...which produces the following right-aligned table:

This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under $50
Mid-range $50 - $100
Splurge Over $100

Note that these are hypothetical values: choose ranges such that there will be options at the destination in all ranges. $50 will get you a luxury room in many places around the world, but will barely cover the cost of a hostel in some large European cities.

If the text above the ranges is unsuitable, give your own as a fourth parameter.

Related templates[edit]

  • {{Eatpricerange}} - Used for displaying price ranges for listings in the "Eat" section of articles.