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This template allows the same style of marking metro/tram/... stations across WV articles.

In base form, it just makes sure the station is highlighted in the article:

{{station|Main train station}}

Main train station

Up to 10 parameters, if specified, allow attaching list of metro/tram/... lines to the station name, indirectly using the rint template:

{{station|Main train station|city=prague|C}}

Main train station  C 

Florenc  B  C 

NOTE: The "city=..." parameter may be omitted, if the (main part of) current article title matches an existing {{rint}} city. For example "Prague/Inner stadt" would match "prague". For this reason, all examples below contain the city=... parameter - but in the Prague article (and sub-articles), it is actually enough to do:

{{station|Main train station|C}}

The template can be combined with listing or a marker (the station template then used as name of the station):

{{marker|type=go|name={{station|Namesti republiky|city=prague|B}}|lat=50.08827|long=14.42885}}

1 Namesti republiky  B 


  • The main bus station for international buses in Prague is 2 Florenc  B  C , located east of the city centre. Other, less frequently used bus stations are at Dejvická  A , Černý most  B ...
  • 3 Stadtmitte  U2  Stadtmitte station (Q660066) on Wikidata Stadtmitte (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia / 4 Französische Straße  U6  Französische Straße metro station (Q571479) on Wikidata Französische Straße (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia — For Gendarmenmarkt and Friedrichstraße.
  • 5 Wittenbergplatz  U1  U2  U3 . Wittenbergplatz metro station (Q692727) on Wikidata Wittenbergplatz (Berlin U-Bahn) on Wikipedia
  • The stations of biggest interests are 6 Tierpark  U5  and 7 S-Bahn station Lichtenberg  S5  S7  S75  U5 . You can also use the long distance/regional trains, but departures are less frequent than for the S-Bahn.  S75  also goes to Hohenschönhausen.
  • The main entry point for Kreuzberg 61 is 8 Mehringdamm  U6  U7 .
  • 1 Catedral de la Almudena (Opera  2  5  R ). Daily 09:00-20:30. This massive cathedral faces the Palacio Real. Finished near the end of 20th century in the Neo-Gothic style, it is where the Princes of Asturias Felipe and Letizia were married in 2004. Especially noteworthy are the 5,000-pipe organ, a large painted 15th-century Gothic altarpiece, and the empty 12th-century coffin of Madrid's patron saint, Isidro. €1 (requested donation). Almudena Cathedral (Q849711) on Wikidata Almudena Cathedral on Wikipedia