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This template can be added to articles to indicate that formatting or other problems exist. The tag should be added to the bottom of the article. The tag should always be called with a single parameter that contains a suggestion as to how the article can be fixed, such as which section or sections require changes, e.g.:

{{style|Listings in the "Eat" and "Drink" sections should be converted to use the standardized Wikivoyage [[Project:Listings|listing]] templates}}


Using this tag without an argument will provide a generic message about how to fix the article, but this practice should be avoided as it will often be unclear what specific problem needs to be fixed. Invoking the template without an argument yields:

See Category:Articles needing style fixes for a list of articles that have been tagged with this template. Category:Articles needing style fixes without suggested fixes contains a list of articles that have been tagged with this template with no suggested fix provided.