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Place this template at the bottom of an article to mark pages that are better in a different language version of Wikivoyage, and thus should be translated from that language into English.

The template can handle two parameters. The first parameter that should be added is the language code. The following language codes are available:

  • bn= Bengali
  • de = German
  • el = Greek
  • es = Spanish
  • fi = Finnish
  • fr = French
  • he = Hebrew
  • hi = Hindi
  • it = Italian
  • nl = Dutch
  • pl = Polish
  • pt = Portuguese
  • ro = Romanian
  • ru = Russian
  • sv = Swedish
  • uk = Ukranian
  • vi = Vietnamese
  • zh = Chinese

The second parameter should give the article name of the language version you're referring to. For example, the The Hague article is called Den Haag on the Dutch Wikivoyage, thus "Den Haag" should be given as a second parameter. If the article name is the same on both language versions, a second parameter is not required (e.g. Amsterdam).

To sum up, use the following formatting:

{{translate|nl|Den Haag}}


Using this tag with just one parameter yields (see link under bolded title):

Always use at least one parameter for this template.

See also[edit]

This template adds articles to a specific language sub-category of Category:Articles needing translation.

After translating an article and removing this template from the article, consider adding the corresponding Translated template to the top of the article's Discussion page in order to record that a translated occurred on a given date.