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As a current consensus this template is always to be placed inside the Discussion section of an article benefitting from translations, like for Valga.


This template is used for articles with content that has been translated from a different language version of Wikivoyage.

The template can handle three parameters. The first parameter that should be added is the language code. The following language codes are available:

  • de = German
  • el = Greek
  • es = Spanish
  • fr = French
  • fi = Finnish
  • he = Hebrew
  • it = Italian
  • nl = Dutch
  • pl = Polish
  • pt = Portuguese
  • ro = Romanian
  • ru = Russian
  • sv = Swedish
  • uk = Ukranian
  • vi = Vietnamese

The second parameter should give the article name in the language version it was translated from. For example, the The Hague article is called Den Haag on the Dutch Wikivoyage, so "Den Haag" should be given as the second parameter. If the article name is the same in both language versions (eg, "Amsterdam"), a second parameter is not required.

The third parameter should give the date on which the article was translated. (eg, 10 Dec 2013)

In summary, use the following syntax:

{{translated|nl|Den Haag|10 Dec 2013}}



If it is really necessary to indicate an essential translation effort, opt for Template:AttributionAlt. Which can be put at the end of an article.

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