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Trois-Rives is a forest and resort town in the Middle-Mauricie region located in the Laurentian Shield, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, in the regional county municipality of Mékinac. This municipality has a territory of 651 km2 (251 sq mi) where 396 inhabitants reside.

The municipality of Trois-Rives is crossed in its western part by the Saint-Maurice River which is 50 km on the east shore and 54 km on west shore. The territory of the East shore of Saint-Maurice River is divided by the Mékinac River. This municipality has known several eras of economic activities derived from the forestry industry, agriculture and recreational tourism activities.



In Trois-Rives, the logging industry has been dominant in local history.

Route 155 linking Grand-Mère to La Tuque generates significant traffic, especially in summer. Consequently, jobs are turning to the offer of recreational tourism activities (vacationing, hunting & fishing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, nautical activities, camping, hiking, etc.)

The main centers of attraction of Trois-Rives for recreational tourism activities are: Lake Mékinac, Lake Missionary, the valley of the Saint-Maurice river and the area west of Saint-Maurice (Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice, Zec du Chapeau-de-Paille and Zec du Gros-Brochet).


In 1972, the municipality was incorporated and designated under the toponym "Boucher", in order to harmonize with the geographical township of "Boucher", constituted by proclamation on June 4, 1875 and which is integrated into this municipal territory. This toponym was chosen in honor of Pierre Boucher, former French governor of Trois-Rivières and owner of the seigneuries Boucher and Boucherville at the end of 17th century. However, the municipal incorporation was only formalized in 1978. Finally in 1998, the municipality was renamed "Trois-Rives".

The Matawin Bridge, spanning the Saint-Maurice River, was erected in 1993; it thus replaced the old ferry and the ice bridge (in winter). It thus provides easier access to the ZEC du Chapeau-de-Paille and the Saint-Maurice wildlife reserve.


The Saint-Maurice River has its source at Gouin Reservoir, in Haute-Mauricie. It flows on 560 km (350 mi) in a north-south direction and displays a drop of 40 m (130 ft).

Get in[edit]

The village of Trois-Rives is accessible by road, snowmobile and all terrain vehicles. However, the eastern part of the territory of Trois-Rives is accessible by the Via Rail Canada passenger train which passes near the western limit of the ZEC Tawachiche, on the eastern side of Lake Mékinac.

By car[edit]

  • From Montreal (km|215}}. Time: 2 hr 29 min. Take highway 40 (north shore) eastbound, to Trois-Rivières; take highway 55 (northbound) to Grand-Mère, which becomes route 155 and cross the Saint-Maurice river bridge; take road 155 (northbound), crossing the villages of Grandes-Piles and Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac; take Chemin St-Joseph (northbound).
  • From Quebec City (163 km (101 mi). Time: 2 hr 4 min. Take highway 40 west ; take road 359 (northbound) passing through the village of Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes, then Lac-à-la-Tortue; then take route 153 (eastbound); take road 155 (northbound), crossing the villages of Grandes-Piles and Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac; take Chemin St-Joseph (northbound).

Get around[edit]

Map of Trois-Rives
  • 1 Borne véhicule électrique - Coopérative de solidarité Trois-Rives (Electric vehicle terminal - Trois-Rives solidarity cooperative), 590, chemin St-Joseph (secteur Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac), +1 819-646-5522. Charging station for electric vehicle batteries.
  • 2 Libre-service Mattawin inc, 3902, route 155, +1 819-646-5753. Gas station.


  • 1 Église de Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac (Church of Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac), 500, chemin St-Joseph. Catholic church constructed some time between 1888 and 1894.
  • Belvédère du Cap Rouge (Cap Rouge belvedere) (take Chemin du Lac-Mékinac from Chemin Saint-Joseph to the bridge (6.5 km) that you cross; travel 8 km to the site parking lot). Splendid panorama on Lake Mékinac, on the western shore of the lake, about 2 km south of Cap Gris. Picnic table in the wilderness.
  • 2 Barrage Mékinac, Lake Mékinac (at the mouth) (take the road to Lac du Missionionnaire.). Dam of 122 m (400 ft) in length by 6.75 m (22.1 ft) in height, built in 2011, creating a reservoir of 2,297 hectares (5,680 acres) for a catchment area of 877.5 km2 (338.8 sq mi). Dam built by Hydro-Québec and used for hydroelectricity. Bog-à-Lanières Ecological Reserve (Q1531708) on Wikidata Bog-à-Lanières Ecological Reserve on Wikipedia


  • 1 Centre d'aventure Mattawin (Mattawin Adventure Center), 3911, route 155, +1 819-646-9006, +1-800-815-7238. Located along the Saint-Maurice river. Rafting, kayaking, kayaraft, canyoning, multi-activities, snowmobiling, dog sledding. free.
  • 2 Rivière-Concept, 3775, route 155 (former reception center of the Saint-Maurice Wildlife Reserve), +1 819-989-3496. Rivière-Concept offers various all-inclusive sports and outdoor activity packages: cataraft, packraft and paddle board (in white water!) Experienced guides accompany participants to activities on the river. free.
  • 3 Passion Escalade (Passion for climbing), 5112, route 155, +1 819-690-0199, . With 30 years of experience, Passion Escalade offers activities and training in outdoor climbing with the support of experienced guides certified by the FQME (Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l'escalade). Passion Escalade acquired a property covering more than 12,000 m2 (130,000 ft²) in Trois-Rives, which has a wall 400 m (1,300 ft) long and height varying from 15 m (49 ft) to 70 m (230 ft). This site also includes a 3-bedroom gîte and a campsite with ten sites! free.
  • 4 Club de motoneige Mattawin (Mattawin Snowmobile Club), 3911, route 155, +1 819-533-0052, . This club establishes snowmobile trails and takes care of their maintenance. It administers the rights of access to the trails, informs its members in particular of current events and safety instructions. It helps its members to travel across Quebec by practicing this sport and by organizing excursions. This club is affiliated with the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ). free.
  • 5 Galeox Univers, 1150, chemin des Bêtes Puantes, T.N.O., +1 819-801-8773. Dog sledding, equestrian camping, hebertism trail, micro-farm. free.


  • Classique Internationale de canots de la Mauricie (Mauricie International Canoe Classic), 253, 3e rue de la Pointe, C.P. 1, suite 207, Shawinigan, +1 819-537-9221. Early September. Since 1934, this canoe classic has gained international fame. This classic includes a series of sporting (over 200 km, in three stages between La Tuque and Trois-Rivières) and cultural events. About 70,000 visitors attend all stages of the canoe race and events. free.


  • 6 Rampe de mise à l'eau Lac Mékinac (communautaire) (Lac Mékinac boat launch (community)), 31, chemin du Lac-du-Missionnaire (on the site of the Mis-Mek campsite.), +1 819-646-5442. free.
  • Lake Missionary boat launch, chemin du Lac-du-Missionnaire. free.

Scenic routes[edit]

  • Road from Lac-Édouard to Rivière-à-Pierre (from the village of Lac-Édouard). Duration of 2 hr 38 min on a route of 112 km. The forest and sometimes winding route between the village of Lac-Édouard and the village of Rivière-à-Pierre, brings back memories of the great epic of logging, the railway and navigation in Batiscania: roads of ice, log drive, upstream of the river with hordes of hundreds of horses and their sledges bound for the forest sites, the flotation of logs going down the current. From the village of Lac-Édouard, travellers take the rue Damasse, passes over the bridge spanning the Batiscan River, runs along the southeast shore of Lake Édouard, passes through the Judith-De Brésoles Ecological Reserve, passes through the Zec Jeannotte, approaches the course of the Batiscan River and the road iron, to a bridge spanning the Batiscan River. From there, travellers cross the Portneuf Wildlife Reserve to the village of Rivière-à-Pierre, where granite mining has marked local history. From there, the traveller can return via Notre-Dame-de-Montauban, Lac-aux-Sables, Sainte-Thècle, Saint-Tite, Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac and Trois-Rives. Free.


  • 1 Coopérative de Solidarité de Mékinac, 590, chemin St-Joseph, +1 819-646-5522. Marché Extra. Agence S.A.Q. Service de traiteur.


  • 1 Restaurant Le Geai Bleu, 613, chemin Saint-Joseph, +1 819-646-5152, . Specialty: Italian cuisine. Meals on site. Outdoor terrace. Orders to bring.
  • 2 Érablière du Lac (Daniel Deshais) (Sugar bush of the Lake (Daniel Deshais)), 372, chemin du Lac Mékinac, +1 819-646-5518.




Chalet, gîte, inn[edit]


  • Bibliothèque municipale (Public Library) (The municipal library is located in the basement of the town hall.), +1 819-646-5686. The municipal library is affiliated with the C.R.S.B.P. for the rotation of volumes twice a year. free.

Go next[edit]

  • 1 La Mauricie National Park A national park of Canada on the west shore of the Saint-Maurice River and in the northern part of the city of Shawinigan. Its mission to protect a representative sample of the Laurentians.
  • 2 Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice Park administered by Sépaq on the west bank of the Saint-Maurice river and north of the Matawin river. This park offers chalet rental, small game hunting, fishing, camping and ready-to-camp services. The main entrance is the Mékinac bridge which spans the Saint-Maurice river.
  • 3 ZEC du Chapeau-de-Paille Controlled exploitation zone (ZEC) created in 1978 in the MRC of Mékinac, in Mauricie. This ZEC covers 1,270 km2 (490 sq mi), covering the townships of Badeaux, Arcand, Seigneurie du Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Brehault, Livernois and Normand.
  • 4 ZEC Tawachiche ZEC mainly in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables (Hervey-Jonction sector), and partly in the unorganized territories of Lac-Masketsi and Lac-Lapeyère. This area is located to the south of the Zec de la Bessonne. The Tawachiche and Tawachiche Ouest rivers cross its territory. This Zec in Moyen-Mauricie is popular for recreational and tourist activities.
  • 5 Festival Western de Saint-Tite Festival Western de Saint-Tite on Wikipedia Western-style festival that takes place annually over ten days, from the second weekend to the third weekend in September. He has international fame.
  • 6 Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac Municipality split in two by the Saint-Maurice river. Perched on a promontory, the village offers a panoramic view of the Saint-Maurice valley. Along the east bank of the Saint-Maurice River, the breathtaking cliffs are admired by tourists, boaters and motorists. When the forests are adorned with brightly coloured leaves in autumn, the valley offers a natural and magical spectacle.
  • 7 Lac-aux-Sables Lac-aux-Sables is an internationally renowned recreational tourism centre. Its beach, stretching for nearly 600 m, is one of the most beautiful in the Mauricie. While the Hervey-Jonction sector has a whole railway history; this sector is endowed with the ZEC Tawachiche which offers forestry activities services, in particular camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.
  • 8 Sainte-Thècle Sainte-Thècle is a picturesque village established at the end of the 19th century. Saint-Jean Park on the shore of Lac Croche in the heart of the village of Sainte-Thècle is a centre of recreational and tourist activities for vacationers, residents and vacationers. The Laurent Naud promenade on the shores of Lac Croche, along rue Lacordaire, presents an enchanting setting with magnificent floral arrangements and trees. The cemetery above with a magnificent Calvary and a Stations of the Cross carved in stone are worth a visit.
  • 9 Saint-Jean-des-Piles Saint-Jean-des-Piles is located on the west bank of the Saint-Maurice river. Boating, hunting & fishing, nautical activities are popular in the summer season, particularly because of the proximity of the Mauricie National Park, the marina on the Saint-Maurice and its wild nature.
  • 10 Grandes-Piles Water sports, boating, hunting & fishing are dominant thanks to the magnificent body of water formed upstream of the Grand-Mère hydroelectric dam.
  • 11 La Tuque Forestry and recreational tourism (vacationing, hunting & fishing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, nautical activities, observation of flora and fauna, boating, etc.)
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