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  • Index list for print versions, including alternative spellings or names, famous sights not treated in an own article and usual nouns in names (mountain -> Monte ...)
  • customized index lists on the fly (like all scientific museums in northern Italy)
  • What would be a place in Europe warmer than 10°C in january?
  • Where is the next golf park?

What Kind of Meta Info is useful?[edit]

Article itself[edit]

  • "put this keyword into the index".

Place described by the article[edit]

  • country, region, city, district, itinary
  • other names, spellings
  • geografical Koordinates (what system?)
  • climatical info: min. max. avrg. temerature for different months, rain, avrg. hours of sunshine, avrg. wind.

Realation between Articles[edit]

  • has part
  • is part of
  • is neigbor of

Article for other ways of ...[edit]

  • what group is addressed?