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  • warning: huge HTML table (650 KB), tested on Firefox only

I have imported connection between airports operated by some cheap airlines to huge matrix.
I think that can make easier search for connections between cities (especially if there is no direct flight).

Unfortunatelly currently it's imposible to imprt this to WikiTravel due to unsupported HTML tags used.

I wonder if this can be useful on WikiTravel (cheap airlines are one of most popular WikiTravel topics)...


  • there is direct flight
    1. click on left checkbox near departure city
    2. click on right checkbox near arrival city
    3. check crossing to see what airlines operate on that route
  • there is no direct flight
    1. click on right checkbox near departure city
    2. click on right checkbox near arrival city
    3. click hide unmarked
    4. scan through columns to see what cities have connections with both departure and arrival cities
  • other "features"
    • position mouse over colored dot to see airline name
    • click on colored dot to jump to airline info
    • position mouse over airport code in first row to see full airport name


  • find connection flights with different carriers (eg. there is no direct flight between Warsaw (WAW) and Edinburgh (EDI), it's trivial to find out that you have options:
    • WAW - Amsterdam AMS (SkyEurope), AMS - EDI (EasyJet)
    • WAW - London LTN (WizzAir or EasyJet), LTN - EDI (EasyJet)
    • WAW - London STN (SkyEurope), STN - EDI (EasyJet)
  • script generated (of course ;)

Airlines imported[edit]

These airlines are already imported. It's quite easy to add more.

  • EasyJet
  • SkyEurope
  • WizzAir
  • Ryanair
  • Centralwings
  • Germanwings
  • Virgin Express
  • Hapag-Lloyd Express


  • huge HTML table (slow loading)
  • tested on Mozilla Firefox only