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San Francisco

Since San Francisco is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, I figured I should check out the barking seals at the wharf, the brightly colored trolley cars, some famous seafood restaurants and of course, the glowing Golden Gate Bridge to see what everyone was talking about.

When planning my trip, I used Hotels Combined or to compare rates, which proved helpful. I was able to check out a few different locations by staying at three hotels throughout my stay. This ensured my trip was diverse; I got out of the tourist zone and into the real San Francisco lifestyle, but still was close enough to all of the attractions.

These three were some of my top pick hotels in San Francisco for sightseeing:

Clift Morgan's Hotel: This is one of the higher end hotels in the city. the Redwood Room downstairs is a great place to start off the evening, offering a full bar and classy atmosphere.

Laurel Inn San Francisco: Close to the spacious Presidio, this inn is a contemporary view of San Francisco.

Renoir Hotel: This boutique hotel is in a great location with a decent price for downtown San Francisco.

I am preparing my next trip, because with everything San Francisco has to offer, a traveler just needs to return for more.


Miami was next on my destinations list,

Miami- There's no place where cafe Cubano, (a strong, Cuban coffee shot) meets string bikinis, where fresh seafood dining is often enhanced with tropically dressed dancers, shaking to the sounds of maracas, and where luxury meets beach bum so perfectly.

While visiting this colorful, lively arena, I stopped to check out Miami's tourist info page for ideas including celebrity spotting, beaches, shopping and events. A great site for Miami's Hotels can be searched and compared easily and Miami's restaurants are plentiful and diverse, with everything from fine dining to seaside bars.

So do as I did: pack your tiniest bathing suit and your most energetic spirit, and get to Miami!

San Diego

The next hot spot on my travel wish list was San Diego. I had not had enough beach bummin' and wanted the West Coast's version of this sport.

A helpful link, complete with San Diego facts: San Diego

A great link for comparing hotels in the area: San Diego hotels,

A useful site for planning activities: San Diego events and attractions calendar

Los Angeles

Since I was in the "neighborhood" I decided I must have some fun in Southern California's party mecca, Los Angeles. Hollywood was of course on the top of my list, since I wished to see how the famous live and I needed to hit up spots such as the Beverly Hills. I checked out posh hotels, even if just for a drink at their bar and stayed in tune with the scene so I wouldn't miss a thing.

Footnote: has paid me to contribute my experiences here on WikiTravel. Thanks guys!

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