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Mapframe with Mapmask test[edit]



Wikidata bot[edit]

Current status[edit]

  • Custom banners are added to wikivoyage articles using template {{pagebanner}}, with a parameter containing a file name.
  • Custom banners are other than Default banners.
  • Custom banners are all other than Default banners.

Current use of banners from Wikidata[edit]

  • If at a local WV pagebanner contains a parameter with a custom banner, the custom banner is used
  • else
    • if an associated wikidata item contains a property Wikivoyage banner (Property:P948), the file listed in the Wikidata Wikivoyage banner property is used
    • If at a local WV pagebanner contains a parameter with one of the default banners banner, this default banenr is used
    • else File:Pagebanner default.jpg is used

Bot solution (request for a bot)[edit]

  • When editors add page banners locally to WV projects and they are not uploaded to Wikidata manually, they can't be used for another language WV.
  • A bot will run periodically to add newly added custom banners to wikidata as a new item, if it doesn't exist. For that category can be used.