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Hello! My name is Sydney Poore. Looking forward to contributing my bit to to Wikivoyage.

My newest WMF endeavor is that I'm an initial member of the Fund Dissemination Committee. Look at this page for an explanation of the framework for the creation and initial operation of the FDC. Since this is a new committee we will be learning as we go. I welcome your ideas about how to make the process better. You can reach me on my talk page on Wikipedia English or meta. Or you can reach me by email.

I am FloNight on: wikimediastrategy en.Wikipedia Wikiversity Wiktionary Wikibooks Wikisource Wikiquote Metawiki, Wikinews Outreach

See my WikiMatrix for details about my accounts.

User:Sydney Poore is my second account on most WMF English lanuage wikis where I have an account.