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Hello. Here on Wikivoyage, I go by Hiàn. I'm an occasional editor here. The name comes from the Taiwanese Hokkien/Min Nan translation of 現, meaning "present", a bit of a nod to the area of my background. You'll likely see me here doing repetitive maintenance work.

I haven't exactly traveled to too many places around the world; I haven't been here for long after all...


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This user has never been further
As08-16-2593.jpg north China 46°41′02″N 125°07′48″E / 46.684°N 125.130°E / 46.684; 125.130 (Daqing)
south Taiwan 21°53′56″N 120°51′42″E / 21.898993°N 120.861542°E / 21.898993; 120.861542 (Kenting National Park)
west Canada 48°25′18″N 123°22′25″W / 48.421735°N 123.373728°W / 48.421735; -123.373728 (Victoria (British Columbia))
east Canada 42°04′11″N 128°01′53″E / 42.069722°N 128.031349°E / 42.069722; 128.031349 (Jilin (city))
... and higher than ~3700 m

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