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I've been around Wikivoyage and Wikitravel since 2006. I've made around 25,000 edits across the sites, many just copyediting and patrolling, but hopefully a majority adding useful travel content.

My contributions tend to come in flurries. When planning and returning from voyages, I tend to get into writing about it, and tend to fall off a bit between times as the policy discussions and copyediting don't hold my attention.

I'm an administrator here, and I'm happy to help. Just leave a note on my talk page. However, in general, discussions about articles are best placed on their discussion pages where everyone can contribute to them.

My travel interests[edit]

I've been privileged to visit many parts of the world. I've covered most of the settlements of Australia (including New Zealand), nearly every U.S state (including Canada), and Europe from Moscow to Galway. I've only started to encroach on the African continent, and I'm yet to touch anywhere in South America.

My site interests[edit]

I'm very glad to be adopted by the WMF. I am firmly of the opinion that continuing to develop the content on IB owned servers would have meant the death of the site.

I'm very keen to get travel content into the site, especially logistical and attractions. I like the Get in, Get Around, See and Do sections. I believe the value of the accommodation sections in most articles is zero, and the nightlife sections aren't much better. I think the wiki format is perhaps unsuited - there have been a few attempts to try and develop this, but I think we need something revolutionary to make these sections work.

My other interests[edit]

You can also find me at Open Street Map, and occasionally at Wikipedia

Where's Wally[edit]

How many times do you appear in Wikivoyage articles? Despite the ban on posting travel photos on WV, I've managed to get a few past the censors. Here is me cycling in our article on Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Cycling past Lovers Cove.JPG

And here I am lining up my serve on Cockatoo Island

Australia sydney cockatoo island tennis.jpg

See if you can spot any other suspicious characters in my images take prior to the migration at