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iopensa on meta,

I live in Milan and Esino Lario (where I do quite a lot of voluntary work), I work in Lugano and I grow up on Lake Como. I travelled quite extensively in particular for work as an art critic, going around mainly by my(female)self, and scouting contemporary art centers and practitioners in cities which are not at the centre of a lot of research (in some African countries but also in Siberia, Iran, Belarus). The trip I am more proud of is a Milan-Tehran on the road to transport in a week a van with my cousin who was a reporter in Iran; I wrote an article about the trip by combining my diary and my father's diary of 1965, when by car he went from Milan to Kabul and Khyber Pass with a Ford Custum Line made in 1955. Another thing I am extremely proud of is that once I drove a train. It was a diesel.