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Jon Robson

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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

I have travelled to almost 60 different countries, primarily as a backpacker with limited money and knowledge. I rely on Wikivoyage to help get me around and as I travel and learn from the field I like to document my learnings whether that be the current price, bus time table or new places of interest that have popped up in a regularly changing world.

I live between San Francisco, United Kingdom and Singapore. The world is truly my home country.

I tend to go to places where information is limited and I like to leave traces of what I've learned here, usually from my mobile phone.

Right now I'm still trying to work out how best to contribute to the project. Templates and certain information is difficult to navigate on a phone, so apologies if the knowledge I do share is limited. Poke me to improve it on my return!

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