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My name is Juergen, I'm travelling to southern Portugal since 1987, when the Algarve in Portugal was nothing more than an insider's tip for golfers - at least in the German and German speaking markets. Since then I had the pleasure to accompany the development to a leading holiday destination for almost 30 years. In 2001 I have launched one of the first multi lingual websites dedicated to this region, the Algarve-Portal to contribute in making the Algarve, its people, cultural and natural richness better known in the travelling community. Already in the early days of the German Wikipedia organization, a friend who developed our platform introduced me to the concept of Wiki and the idea of the Wikimedia Foundation. Since a couple of years I’m living in the district of Faro (Algarve), and I intend to improve step by step the quality and content of several articles in Wikivogay based on my knowledge of the Algarve region and the long experience with our own portal.