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Aloha and welcome! My hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii (actually, the Windward Oahu town of Kailua is my home), and I've lived here all my life, except for four years in 1990-1994, when I was going to school in Portland, Oregon.

Even though I live in paradise, I still like to travel now and then. :)

Favorite spots[edit]

My default vacation spot, not surprisingly, is the Pacific Northwest. I love its natural beauty and perfect summer weather, and have visited Portland and Seattle numerous times.

Been there, done that[edit]

Bucket list[edit]

  • Drive Route 66
  • Visit every state in the United States
  • National parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon
  • Canada: Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls
  • Orlando: Walt Disney World
  • Europe: London, Paris, Rome
  • Japan: Okinawa
  • South Korea
  • China: Hong Kong, Beijing, etc.
  • Australia