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I guess I've been going a little crazy with the page banners lately, I only just realized that most people are using existing commons photos and cropping them for banners. All of my banners have actually been my own original content photos so I guess that makes mine a little different. I've been trying to think a little outside the box on this and create banners that give a feel for a place and are not too literal. 'Art is a lie that tells us the truth' -Pablo Picasso (or it goes something like that, I can't remember). Here is a SMALL sample of recent banners.

I find home somewhere between Seattle, Montana, Yellowstone and rural Kitsap County. I've developed a few articles on Wikipedia but I find Wikivoyage to be my new interest, I use the same login for both. I am an entrepreneur and art consultant by trade and I tend to think very visually and consider photos to be be a very important part of what wikivoyage is capable of. Since I migrate seasonably and regularly between three homes I think that I have an outlook of a permanent tourist and I hope that comes through in my contributions.

Devils Slide, rock formation was my first entry from 2009 on wikipedia

My pet projects are Yellowstone Country in Montana and the Kitsap Peninsula but as a sixth generation Seattleite I can't help but sticking my nose in there as well. I'm learning maps and other goodies that will help me improve my entries (I hope) and generally trying to learn how to best format entries and share info. It might seem like I'm skipping around a bit, but I'm learning in small starts and fits and trying to figure out the best way to spread it all around. Lumpytrout (talk) 21:41, 26 February 2013 (UTC)

So why do I like Wikivoyage? I find most commercial travel sites and books to be very restrictive and focused usually on the wrong things. I hope I can bring a little joy and insight into the areas that I know and find interesting that are sometimes off the beaten path. I do not work in the travel industry and you can probably tell from my lack of grammar skills that I am no writer either, please feel free to edit away at my contributions. I am however an observer of the unusual and quirky and I would like to share the areas that I know well with you. I make a living in the arts and spend time looking through creative commons photos trying to pick out the appropriate gems for different areas.

this was my school bus when I was a kid, I didn't appreciate how cool that was at the time.

So why Lumpytrout? My first thought for entry into wikipedia was while I was trout fishing on the Yellowstone river. My first contribution was starting a page for Devil's Slide, an unusal rock formation along the river in Montana. I'm not sure where the lumpy part came from, I guess someone already took Trout.Lumpytrout (talk) 02:01, 8 February 2013 (UTC)