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Welcome to the madhouse...

One eye the angel, one eye the devil, what you see, depends on what I see.


OHai :3 I took an interest to WikiVoyage a while back when I noticed it yet any attempts to edit the user page or the talk page just gave a screen with a line or 2 of coding on it. Now that i'm editing from something else I can happily edit it. I'm always willing to be helpful so drop my talk page a line if you want to talk about something I can help with.

Other WMF Projects i'm on[edit]

My preferences state Your account is active on 18 project sites. and thus I am Matticusmadness across 18 Wikimedia Projects. My main base is over at English Wikipedia but I sometimes pop in and take a look over here and on other projects.

So what use am I to WV?[edit]

I'll be around if anyone needs me. I travel to the 'Carveiro/Albufeira' area in the Algarve in Portugal every year so that's my major contribution for WikiVoyage but hey it never hurts to have a positive and inquisitive mind jumping around yes? For anything else I will try to use common sense and knowledge to figure it out.

My IPs[edit] (Set to expire somewhere in the middle of the year 26th June. shared IP, see w:User: )