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The Concept[edit]

The logo's tripartite flowing arrow design is inspired by the three phases of Wikivoyage: WT under its original owners, WT under IB and now the reborn Wikivoyage as part of the Wikimedia Foundation, pointing to the future and forming an abstract letter 'V'.

The arrow itself represents the abstract concept of travel: it is at once a compass needle, an aircraft and an aid for navigation, whilst its interlocking sections can be seen to represent the step-by-step and comprehensive information that is provided within Wikivoyage's guides. The blue circular background not only reflects and compliments the circular logos of the other WMF wikis, it also represents an abstract Earth that Wikivoyage confidently covers, whilst the blue itself is calming yet visually arresting.

The font (PT Sans Caption) offers the strength and optimism of a futuristic sans serif, combined with flourishes that add personality and friendliness to the concept, reminiscent of the logo's current Lenka font. The grey colour used for the font is kinder on the eye than a dominant black but, like the arrow's background, remains eye-catching and offers contrast with the blue of the logo.

(Yes, the above is a bit silly, but there's truth in there!)


Potential logo...
Combination mark
Horizontal combination mark
Wordmark (would never be used without symbol)
SVG version, very kindly created by Peter



An interlingual portal mock-up with this logo can be found here.

A very quick mock-up of how the Main Page might look with the proposed logo

Language Variations[edit]

Wikiviajes combination mark
Wikiviajes horizontal combination mark
Cyrillic horizontal combination mark
Greek horizontal combination mark
Hebrew horizontal combination mark
Polish horizontal combination mark
Ukrainian horizontal combination mark