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Hello World! This is my User Page on Metawiki and you shall see it if I haven't set up my User Page on the individual Wikipedia site you are viewing.


My user settings

Compact Language List - globally disabled

Due to various reasons, I have disabled Compact Language List for all Wikipedia sites.

This is implemented by my global.js file. When visiting a Wikipedia site, the script checks if this setting is set to disable, and if it is not disabled then it will change to disable. Credit of this code goes to User:Kusurija and you can see the original version here. I found the notification always showing up even if the setting is disabled, so I did some minor changes for my version. I initially changed their !== to !=, but then I realized sites (such as English Wikipedia) that do not offer this setting would always show up the notification, so I changed it to a console output only.

Until Wikipedia offers an official solution to allow users to choose their global Compact Language List settings, this will continue to be the method I use to disable CLL in other Wikipedia sites.

Media Viewer - globally disabled

Media Viewer has been disabled for all wikis using the official instruction provided for global.js.

My User Page on other Wikipedias

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