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Start when getting off bus of De Lijn 1[edit]

Start when getting off bus of De Lijn 18 near Arboretum[edit]

Start in Arboretum[edit]

The first statue in Arboretum[edit]

There are many more pictures around it.

At Linderonde follow towards the right[edit]

There is a fallen tree log ahead[edit]

Here to the left, into that small path[edit]

At the end of it, to the right[edit]

On your left, you see the fallen tree again[edit]

At the end again to the left, then start looking to the left to see the owl[edit]

Continue and at the first split go left[edit]

At the next split keep right (or you'll end up at the fallen tree log again)[edit]

A bit further you'll find Neanderthal[edit]

At the complex crossing, you need to go slightly right onto Prosperdreef[edit]

Now it's straight on for several kilometers.

The bat is in the trunk of this tree[edit]

To the left into Diewegstraat[edit]

I went over to make some more pictures of the statue remembering NICO[edit]

You should cross Naamsesteenweg[edit]

I haven't cycled that part yet.

Here you see an example of numbered walking node[edit]

Owl can be found here[edit]

Here you find the woodpecker and the whistler[edit]

I still need to go out to make more and better pictures of that statue. That's planned for the 22nd of March 2015.

The oldest oak tree[edit]

Place to get off bus 18[edit]

Place to enter the forest when taking bus 18[edit]

The mushrooms (Coprinus)[edit]

I also need better pictures of Baloo[edit]



Bivak zone[edit]

Natural spring[edit]

Artwork made from litter[edit]

Node 602[edit]