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I've quit[edit]

Don't bother adding text here. I have stopped adding content due to good content being removed after I have put in a significant level of effort adding it. As a long time contributor to the previous WT site who moved to this site, and an admin on English Wikipedia and a long term Wikiproject person, I have completely had enough of this. I am pointing the finger squarely at User:Texugo, User:Ikan Kekek and User:Texugo. Bye. Pratyeka (talk) 01:58, 21 October 2013 (UTC)


I love travel. I've been to lots of places. I mostly like helping others on the road, which is why I joined. I hate policy. Since joining, I've had perfectly good photographs deleted due to bullshit policy crap, and had new content added be changed to the extent that its meaning changes (to plain wrong). Honestly, if I wasn't more Wikixperienced, I'd have left already. (Great example here) GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER PEOPLE, STOP HASSLING AND LEAVE THE POLICY AT HOME. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT.


My tips for experienced travelers:

  • China: Far too many to list. Contact me if you're on your way. Yunnan is not to be missed, but I can recommend spots all over the place.
  • Indonesia:
    • Gili Air, north of Lombok. Great food, no cars (horse-carts only), snorkel for five minutes off the island and you'll run in to a giant turtle, diving either of the physical or transcendental nature available for a song...
    • Surabaya, eastern Java: a taste of old Asia. Rickshaws everywhere, vibrant old Arab and Chinese communities, plus modern street art.
  • India:
    • South:
      • Tamil Nadu:
      • Karnataka:
        • Shravanabelagola: The hotel near the tank in the middle of town is comfy enough and has a brilliant restaurant. Stay a few days at least. If you are up early you can see the Jain monks and nuns doing their stuff on the mountains, see musical rituals performed, meet animals, etc. Lots of temples here, but walking both mountains extensively is worthwhile.
  • Malaysia:
    • Walk barefoot through the jungles on Tioman Island. That is some of the weirdest rainforest I've ever seen. It's quiet, incorrectly scaled, and sort of scary.
    • Kuala Lumpur: The Burmese street east of the main Chinatown area (north of the triangular bus-stop-centric square).. probably one of the best places in SEA to learn Burmese, eat Burmese, catch news of what's going on from Burmese...
    • Penang: Just go, check out the old colonial architecture, eat great food, enjoy the differences.
  • Tunisia: El Kef, the old capital, overlooking the Algerian border. I passed through here just before the revolution, and the city is beautifully perched on a mountain, with the modern town literally right on top of myriad Roman ruins. A friend was digging out the ones under his house to build a backpacker hostel in his traditional courtyard style house. I'd go check that out again in a snap. Plus, they had an old music school Ben Ali had closed as a center of dissidence .. it should be re-opened now.
  • Romania
  • United Kingdom
    • London
      • The kernel brewery, Saturday mornings.
  • United States
    • California
      • Los Angeles: I lived hera a year.
        • Don't miss LACMA: it's the center of the city, plan on two full days.
        • Cycle Mulholland drive east to west, and you'll wind up at the Getty Museum. Throw your bike on a bus to get back east. You can rent or buy then sell on craigslist or similar.
        • Cycle or motorbike the mountains to the northeast (north of Pasadena, east of the valley). Really stunning scenery, even better if nobody's about due to fire hazards closing the road ;)

See also my English Wikipedia user page.