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Hello everybody, my name is R4_p1700, but you can call me R4 for short. I'm new, so if I make a mistake fell free to revert it and let me know. I live in Orlando FL, USA, and I hope to improve articles relating to the vacation destinations in and around the area.

I'm from wikiHow and I'm overt there a lot, if you want to view my wikiHow page, or your trying to contact me here but not having any luck, then you can access it here.

I currently have no article edits and I have not started any articles yet, but I am hoping to improve some articles. The article that caught my attention and encouraged me to join was the article on celebration, which I noticed could be expanded, and it also has some accuracy issues, so I do hope to improve it. I know people who live there and I do live near it, since it is just south of Orlando, so I hope to improve the article, and I will be looking at other article too.

If I make any mistakes, please let me know so that I don't make the same mistakes in the future.