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Present position: Freelance Expert in (a) International Cooperation Programmes and Projects; (b) Social and Educational Media production; (c) Capacity building (d) Research in socio-economic sciences and humanities.

Main publications[edit]

The questions debated in the Wikibooks Wikibooks ⇒ Development Cooperation Handbook

Other Manuals

  • Methodology of communicating innovations in health policies, Italy September 2000 a research commissioned by the Health Ministry, Department of Planning to E.I.S.S. (Ente italiano Servizi Sociali). The objective of this research was to develop policy recommendations for effective institutional communication. It was based on impact assessment of earlier policies and actions; analysis of previous and current contexts and communication networks.
  • How to promote health education in the elementary schools, Rome, November 2001 a research commissioned by the Health Ministry, Department of Planning to E.I.S.S. (Ente italiano Servizi Sociali). The objective of the research was to develop a methodology of collaboration between Health and Education Ministries for health education.
  • Food Security how to communicate to citizens and allow informed choices, Rome, February 2002 a research commissioned by the Health Ministry, Department of Planning to E.I.S.S. (Ente italiano Servizi Sociali). The objective of the research was to develop a methodology of collaboration between Health and Agriculture Ministries for sharing in-depth information with consumers.
  • Role and responsibly of local governments in evaluating the social and cultural impact of national policies, Catanzaro, July 2003 a scientific research commissioned by the Regional Government of Calabria and funded by the Italian Government. The objective of the research was to define the roles and responsibilities of local governments with regard to policy impact evaluation.
  • Famiglia-Previdenza, Italy 1997 a report on the results of the research, conducted on behalf of IRSEF, Italy on the relationship between families with financial and insurance institutions.


  • Linguaggi Televisivi e Realtà familiari (Mass communication studies), with others, edited by Caterina Gozzoli, Edizioni Unicopli, Milano 2001
  • The Relationship between Man and Nature some Indian philo¬sophical perspectives, a detailed study on philosophical anthropology in the Hindu religion. SOCECOS Publications, Varanasi, 1994.
  • The Rama Lila of Benares; a brief study on the religious folk theatre in the context of the annual renewal of traditional Indian society and the ceremony of the re-investiture of monarchic power. Napoli, 1985.
  • Feast and the Return of Time, developed from the anthropo¬logical research on the local annual folk festivals in Sannio (in the province of Benevento and Avellino, Italy), Napoli, 1990

Film (Production, Direction and Scriptwriting)

  • "[http// Into our nature]", an 80 minute documentary; conceived to portray and narrate the rapport between man and nature in a difficult and primordial ambience characterised by the Rajasthan desert (India). The film is also a journey inside the problems which perplex modern intellectuals who come into contact with the traditional oriental world. The film was telecast in 1992 by the Indian state television and the Italian State Television (RAI 1-Mixer special, August 1993).
  • “[http// The MDGs Work in Progress]”. A eight episode documentary based on the resources developed and shared by EUGAD, a project supported by the European Commission External Cooperation Programme. The documentary contains interviews with development actors and stakeholders across developing regions, with representatives of European and other donor countries as well as developing countries. Most of the footage is shot in Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America with the support of the network partners from these regions (including Kautilya Society, Africa Response, SIA). Countries covered include India, Syria, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Guinea, and Colombia.


  • Author of the on-line distance learning course on “Principles of Educational Communication (with special reference to audio-visual media)”, a product commissioned by the International Multimedia University (Italy-UCLA, US), by the Italian Government, Dept. of International Co-operation for Development. Its sections include the difference between rhetoric and dialectics; forms of didactics; education and sustainable development.
  • Author of an interactive off line course (on CD) on “Team and Time the management of organisations in a global context”, produced by the media company Staf, Turin. It chapters include the new organisational models; central importance of human resources; Team as a resource; strategic value of communication in the management of processes; team communication management; when and how to hold meetings, varieties of meetings; Time as a resource; optimal time utilisation.

Other Articles

  • Estetica dell’incontro – Verso un’estetica del dialogo. Banaras Biradari, 2012
  • Località e globalità nell’identità culturale – Verso un’ontologia del dialogo. What is the relationship between "Global" and "Local" agendas and responsibilities? Eugad Symposium in Grosseto, 2010.
  • Principles of critical evaluation How to evaluate the communication impact, GICO forum, 2009.
  • “Morte e Vita a Benares”, article in the book “Il Dolore Inutile” (Perspectives on suffering and comfort), by Sergio Zavoli, Garzanti, Milano, 2002
  • The possibility of Studying Myths through the help of Indian Literature; published in the "Journal of the Department of European Languages", University of Delhi, India), vol. 1, No.1; March 1985.
  • The Distorted Tradition Etymological Obser¬vations about the Misuse of Some Philosophical Terms in Modern Indian English; published in the "Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research", vol. V, n.2, January-April, 1988.

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