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Things to mention[edit]

  • accommodation (renting flat/short stay; hotel type: hostels/guest houses/..; prices; booking; ...)
  • currency & money (ATMs, money change offices, money transfers?, tipping, bargaining)
  • opening hours
  • language (+small languages, English proficiency)
  • telecommunication (mobile phone, mobile internet, country code, free wifi coverage)
  • toilets
  • public places, culture code (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs)
  • health & safety (vaccination, illnesses, animals, tap water, safety tips, etc.)
  • travel system (+ for people with disabilities)
  • see (архитектура, природа, история, и т.п.)

Maps and OSM[edit]

Linking Wikidata & OSM OSM layer



Wikidata usage [1]


Label: Georgian lari

Description: {{#invoke:wd|description|Q4608}}

Alias: Georgian kupon lari


1. get property filtered by qualifier[edit]


  • ENTITY: Q4608 (Georgian lari)
  • PROPERTY: P2284 (price)
  • QUALIFIER FILTER: P38=Q4916 (currency = euro)

RESULT: €0.241521

2. fetch qualifier values[edit]


  • ENTITY: Q4608 (Georgian lari)
  • PROPERTY: P2284 (price)
  • QUALIFIER KEY: P585 (point in time)

RESULT: 1 August 2022

3. get qualifier filtered by property[edit]


RESULT: Caribbean Netherlands

4. fetch unit[edit]


Georgian lari

GEL vs RUB[edit]

RUB (returns only 1 value):[edit]

best|single|raw|current: 0.01319

best|single|raw: 0.01319

single|raw: 0.01319

raw: 0.01319

  • ENTITY: Q41044 (ruble)
  • PROPERTY: P2284 (price)
  • QUALIFIER FILTER: P38=Q4917 (currency = dollars)

GEL (returns 2 values):[edit]

best|raw|current: 0.35631795

best|raw: 0.35631795

raw: 0.35631795

  • ENTITY: Q4608 (Georgian lari)
  • PROPERTY: P2284 (price)
  • QUALIFIER FILTER: P38=Q4916 (currency = euro)