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I am Nicolas, previously a long-time contributor at WT.

My Wikivoyage-related projects:

  • Wikivoyage Offline, Android app to use the whole travel guide offline.
  • OxygenGuide, an offline travel guide (HTML pages + index), to use on a smartphone/laptop with no internet connection.
  • Transvoyage, to help people translators by translating the titles and boilerplate code
  • Wikivoyage2osm, a script to export all Wikivoyage listings information into CSV, OSM
  • Syntax checks

Hiroo draft[edit]

  • (丸屋). そば 天丼 pas udonburi
  • Hiroo Curry (広尾のカレー).
  • Aburasoba (油そば). This restaurant is famous for the dish of the same name, which is very much like ramen.
  • Max Brenner (マックスブレナー), 5-6-6, 03-6450-2400. Their speciality is chocolate. Be sure to try the chocolate+marshmallow pizza.
  • 1 Ajifuku Asano (味福あさの), 5-18-2, +81 3-5422-7427. Cute traditional restaurant serving Japanese home-cooking style food. 2000¥.
  • (こよみ). Shaved ice

Jiyugaoka draft[edit]

  • Megami matsuri
  • sakura matsuri
  • mujirushi street
  • crepes
  • zakka (nandemoyasan)
  • usagi cafe
  • kumano jinja
  • kekiyasan "sweets forest" thema park
  • tsujiguchi-sanの店: Mont Saint Clair
  • "Mont blanc": premiere patisserie qui a cree le "Mont Blanc"
  • 1 La Vita. Small shopping area built like a Venezzia street, complete with a canal, a small bridge and a gondola.
  • Move relevant bits from Setagaya, especially in Eat
  • Kumano Shrine from Meguro

Kagurazaka draft[edit]

  • 1 Zenkoku-ji Temple. Small shrine made famous by the idol group Arashi, check all the messages written by the fans.

French restaurants:

  • 2 Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, 新宿区神楽坂4-3-7 海老屋ビル 1F. Food typical of Lyon, France. Weekday lunch for 2000¥, dinner from 4000¥.
  • 3 Le Bretagne, 新宿区神楽坂4-2. Galettes and crepes typical of Bretagne, France.
  • 4 Bon gout, 新宿区矢来町107 細谷ビル 2F.
  • Bistro Le Soleil 東京都文京区音羽1-3-3 サカエ音羽マンション101
  • Agaris 東京都新宿区神楽坂4-3 楽山ビル B1F
  • 5 Tokyo Paris Shokudo (東京パリ食堂), Chiyoda-ku 3-7-3 (Iidabashi exit 3, near the dentist school). Homemade-style French food, one of the best lunch value in Kagurazaka. Lunch from 1300¥.

Hiking in Japan draft[edit]

Where to get path information: