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United Kingdom(4 C, 7 P)
England(9 C, 10 P)
East Midlands(6 C, 7 P)
East of England(6 C, 6 P)
London(32 P)
North East England(3 C, 5 P)
North West England(5 C, 7 P)
South East England(9 C, 11 P)
West Country(6 C, 10 P)
West Midlands (region)(6 C, 6 P)
Yorkshire(4 C, 4 P)
Northern Ireland(6 C, 6 P)
County Antrim(14 P)
County Armagh(3 P)
County Down(10 P)
County Tyrone(4 P)
Scotland(8 C, 9 P)
Central Belt(3 C, 3 P)
Hebrides(2 C, 2 P)
North East Scotland(5 C, 5 P)
Orkney Islands(14 P)
Scottish Highlands(4 C, 5 P)
Shetland Islands(13 P)
South West (Scotland)(3 C, 3 P)
Wales(3 C, 3 P)
Mid Wales(2 C, 3 P)
North Wales(4 C, 5 P)
South Wales(4 C, 4 P)