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Wikivoyage is a transparent project, so we don't deny that we prevent several nonconstructive user actions with abuse filters. These filters are not designed to limit the right of speech, the expression of opinions or linking to other pages. There are currently 15 filters in use. If you feel that one filter is not compliant with our policies, please start a discussion on the talkpage.

  1. Abuse Filter 1: Blanking
  2. Abuse Filter 2: Replacing a page with obscenities
  3. Abuse Filter 3: Poop vandalism
  4. Abuse Filter 4: Prevent full page blanking
  5. Abuse Filter 5: Page creation spammer
  6. Abuse Filter 6: You/He/She/It sucks
  7. Abuse Filter 7: All caps
  8. Abuse Filter 8: Repeating characters
  9. Abuse Filter 9: Shouting
  10. Abuse Filter 10: Endings with felling expression
  11. Abuse Filter 11: New user removing speedy deletion templates
  12. Abuse Filter 12: Multiple obsencities
  13. Abuse Filter 13: Addition of four letter words
  14. Abuse Filter 14: Repeated addition of links by new users
  15. Abuse Filter 15: Banned user
  16. Abuse Filter 16: Banned marketing words